Gas Tank threaded rods not long enough...

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    Anyone have any suggestions for legnthening the 4 threaded rods on the gas tank?? mine need to be about an inch longer as my center bar is pretty thick.. I was thinking of the obvious threaded joiner "bullit" type thing to attach another screw but not sure where to find that? I dont even know if they make those that small?? Certainly someone else must have had to overcome this problem before me! Let me know whatcha did please.. :confused:

  2. Rather than use the straps that come with the kit. Plumbers perforated strap works well,
    you can form around the center bar.....
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    That's probably the best suggestion....make-up your own brackets.
    You can also get "deep nuts" from specialist stores that only sell nuts/bolts/allen keys etc,and have half a deep on the end of each threaded tank rod then an extension rod attached to the other side of the deep nut giving u the required length.
    Easier the bracket idea from plumbing stores.
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    Thanks Both! I was talking about the threaded extension rod type cylinder to extend them out but just didnt know what it was called or if they make them in that exact size & thread.. The tanks threaded bolts are very close to the frame & up hi on the bart itself.. It doesnt leave alot of room for a bracket or anything.. :shifty2:
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    What you could do is use 1/8" flat plate instead of the bottom tank brackets. Two 1/8" flat plates will "sandwich" your thick bar. Use the gas tank threaded rods to bolt the tank to the top plate, then use a different set of longer bolts to bolt the top 1/8" plates to the bottom plate.

    That way, it doesn't matter how wide or thick the bars are.
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    What do you fly in the military?
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    I was in the USAF for 10 years.. I did not actually "pilot" anything in the AF but i worked on a few! I have an 03 Mach1 that launches 60 feet in 1.4 seconds thats quite a rush though! thats where i got the 03AV8R name :cool2:

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    tank mounting

    i have built two occ stingray motor bikes.the upper frame is too big and the tank studs were not long i solved the problem was to mount the tank brackets upsidedown on the top of the frame by drilling two 1/8 inch holes in each of the tank brackets and the frame and used pop rivets to attach the brackets to the worked out very well for me.
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    Thats a great idea.. So the tank just sits up a little higher then it would normally, but not really that much.. i like the idea..

    My bike is a flat black color & the paint on the tank is way to shiny so ive gotta paint the tank first anyways.. No hurry on this end lately cause its turned into a winter project.. Ive still got the E-Bike to ride..

    Im also waiting to see if one of these companies posted on this site comes up with some really good engine mounts 4-sale.. It would change the position of the motor & thus the chain legnth.. I especially like the mounts these guys are using..