Gasoline vs. Crude Oil ??

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  1. Crude oil goes down, and gasoline goes up.
    I don't understand.
    Thank goodness for motorized bicycles!

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    Global forces drive oil prices, regional forces drive gasoline prices. In general they tend to move in a similar fashion. From an ecological perspective higher prices motivate industry to produce higher MPG vehicles and lower prices tend to encourage larger performance engines. It will be interesting to see what occurs as they eventually solve the energy density problem of electric cars.
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    i still wonder why we bother with chemical storage when thermal storage is possibly a more viable option for longevity...

    crude oil...dug out of the ground...a resource that only cost as much as it did to drill for the land...and transport it.

    petrol-gasoline...highly refined in batches, myself personally, watching tankers come in...think its based (locally) on supply and demand...tankers come in...prices drop.

    stores get low as tankers get held up somewhere... prices go up...

    can i go back to thermal storage again or should i start a new thread?
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    There is usually a lag before a drop in crude prices is seen at the pump. If they are beginning to switch to winter fuel blends in your area, that switch can bump up the gas price a bit. In general, the low price of oil makes shipping less expensive which prevents price increases on the things we buy at the store. The store is not likely to cut prices due to cheaper oil.