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    Hi all, I have the 80cc engine and am fitting it onto a brand new xlarge frame Raleigh MTB. I live right on the outskirts of my little rual town and work 6kms out of town so I plan on mainly riding my bike to work. I hope that because I will be riding it out of the town I will keep out of the eyes of the local cops, Even though I will be telling any police man that I have a 49cc engine I am still not sure about the law here in Victoria. I have started the build and I have come up with a problem allready. Well its more of a fault than anything. I took the cluch lever cover off and ran the chain onto the chain drive sprocket. That was all fine however now the clutch leaver cover wont go back on. it seems the foward part of the cover hits the chain. I am guessing I will need to grind of part of the cover to allow some clearence between the chain and cover. has anyone else had this problem? I will post some pics of my bike when its all completed.

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    I had to take the cover off mine too, to thread the chain around the sprocket, but once i got the chain on the cover went back on without any trouble. I wonder if your angles are different to mine?
    I'll attach a pic of mine for you to compare.

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    yeah thanks for that, but I dont we are talking about the same thing. my chain rubs againts (got to force the cover on) the fowared part of the cluch lever cover. I mean the foward part as in where the clutch lever cover and the magneto cover butt up againts each other. as the chain runs around the sprocket it hits the bottom of the cover. when each chain link is paralell with the cluch lever cover there is clearence however between chain links it hits the cover. Does that make any sence? I can take some pics if needed.