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    Just finished installing my first Zbox engine in my trusty old Marin. The old girl has been my best bike i've ever had, now, well it seems to have lost it's soul. I've got 500km's of running in to do now before i find out how sweet the ride is, but quiet she aint. It is running VERY rough but i guess that is just a new engine out of the box. I look forward to seeing the performance improve...hopefully!

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    Welcome! Do you have any pic.s of your bike?
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    No pics yet - but it is the same kit as on this bike http://www.motoredbikes.com/album.php?albumid=267&pictureid=1525
    i just took it for a good 20 min run (did about 7-8km), and it did run a bit smoother. It certainly doesn't like the choke all the way in thats for sure it just stalls if you do. But i think after i've finished running her in she will be purring like a kitten. Seems to have a fair bit of go too - i look forward to making a few mods after the run in, apparently these 68ccs can be improved a fair bit with a few tweaks here and there. My brakes are **** - i think i will have to upgrade to disks, and i think in traffic i will probably be needing indicators too as arms out the side is a bit hard when working the clutch with the left hand and throttle with the right. Does anyone have any experience/ tips on this?
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    we need pics of the bike to see how it's fitted.
    Change the spark plug to NGK, all this information is on the zbox web site.

    But do your brakes first.

    Al the Best
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    G'day sir-les & welcome......nice to see Oz's own cultural attache on MBc(NO spitting please) :)
    To work.....it takes around 400Km to achieve a good level of consistency with these engines,but by the sounds of it your engine is running lean.Adjust the needle in the carby to a lower setting to richen up your mixture(heaps of threads posted about this)
    No particular tips on the working of the levers...you'll get use to it.Just get yourself a good rear vision mirror & possibly a dual brake lever.
    Get em brakes working properly...they'll potentially save your life one day.
    Happy riding.