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  1. Bonefish

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    I've got a robin subaru eh035 sitting around and tomorrow I should have a Tanaka pf-4000.

    I'm thinking about getting a GEBE. What are your thoughts(anyone)? I've already had 2 china girls, a staton shifter, 2 friction drives, and now a scooterguy/shifter with a honda gx35 on it. Anyone with GEBE experience with multiple years experience with one and does it sound like a good move? Thanks

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    if you want a super reliable all weather commuter setup with unsurpassed fuel economy, then the GEBE is what you want. i own 2 of them. one is 5 years old with 2,000+ miles (now used by the wife). the 2nd one is a year old with 3,800 miles and counting. i commute 25 miles daily, up to 6 days a week in light rain, freeze, light snow, and 110F+ Texas heat. take a look at my album and you can see whats up.
  3. Bonefish

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    Thanks, I just ordered the GEBE Mount kit with a #13 gear for either the Subaru Robin or the Tanaka PF-4000. Ordered the HD rear wheel with it.
  4. Bonefish

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    GEBE ran out of wheels over the Memorial day holiday. So my kit had to wait till today to get shipped out. I got a tracking number today. If the bike I'm going to put the GEBE kit on has a 7 speed cassette should I buy.........................................................

    to go with the HD GEBE wheel or does it come with the spacer/adjuster? Thanks
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    I have had a golden eagle bike kit since 2007 suburu 35 cc ive got 9800 miles very dependable in tha period of time I have used 3 belts an dhad the engine bracket welded twice
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    As implied, simple is best. GEBE is simple. How may posts deal with fixing or repairing? How many of those deal with a GEBE product? The suckers run and run a long time. You can add a fuel tank and unique stuff, but bottom line is carefree run time. Simple as that!
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    I never tried a GEBE kit myself but I have been getting around on a Staton Inc. friction drive bike powered by a Honda GX35 for about a year now & hardly had any problems with it & I use it regularly.
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    I never really had the opportunity to try the GEBE out. RS-68 was introduced which states you must have your motorbike registered and tagged and cannnot ride on the sidewalks so I sold the GEBE and bought a Honda Ruckus which I have been riding now for a year.