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    Well the Titan kit was going to take over 10 weeks to get ahold of! The GEBE kit was about a month...
    So just to get a feel for what this will be like, I ordered an 80cc Limited from BlueCollarBikes today. They were definitely very helpful and nice to work with.

    I plan to mount it to either my Specialized Stumpjumper (front suspension), or my Gary Fisher Tassajara (front suspension).
    I can't wait for it to arrive and get it mounted.

    From what I've read, many of you like your 4-stroke kits, and I'm sure they're nice. But plenty of you have the 2-strokes and seem very pleased by the motors. I figure it'll be a good way to get my feet wet with this hobby without dropping too much cash at first.

    Very excited! Can you tell? :)

    Randy (in Missouri)

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    You're going with the two-stroke happy time? I'll bet you won't be sorry. Reading in here I'm getting the strong impression that japanes four-strokes are higher quality. But the happy times don't seem so terribly bad. They do the job at a good price.
    (though I am beginning to get that hankering for something a bit better)

    I wish I had an odometer. I don't know how many miles I've ridden. But my HT is definitely doing some fairly heavy work for me. My pickup truck now goes days at at time without leaving the driveway. And that's a good, good feeling.

    I've ridden in couple of bad, bad thunderstorms now. And with a $15.00 rainsuit, I just didn't care a whole lot. It just wasn't all that bad. And it's a real feeling of accomplishment to be takin' care of business in conditions like that without suffering.

    You've got reason to be excited. And we're excited for you. So keep us posted
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