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    I'm aware of the greasing the gears to avoid the wailing, but today I got a squealing noise as well. Power went down. I was pretty sure it wasn't the gears so I opened the other side and didn't grease the gears. It wasn't exactly dry, but I threw some grease in there. I didn't know where to put it. Problem went away, but I'm not sure what's the right way to do it. I've taken the bolt and the washer off, but I can't get anything else off, like the sprocket. Do i need a chain wrench?

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    Greasing the gears should be enough. I apply grease to the little gear so that it can transfer to the big one, which is tough to reach.
    The clutch is going to make some racket, like squealing, no matter how well you lubricate the bike.
  3. bughuggger

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    The manual says to put some grease in the "hole behind the drive sprocket," but I can't figure out how to remove the drive sprocket. Also, someone recommended pulling off the clutch and greasing behind that.
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    Greasing 101

    The bean sized blob on the small gear..

    The 56 small bearings behind the clutch. Use a needle tip on a grease gun or buy some aerosol white grease, from wallyworld.
    Dont release the bearings they are very hard to put back.

    Remove the threaded holder for the clutch cable located under the carb.
    Add a lot of grease here this is where the main clutch spring is located. And the main clutch spring adjustment.

    Remove the cover on the drive sprocket side of the engine.
    There is a small metal rod and a ball bearing, add grease here as well. finally grease the clutch actuator lever.

    There are a lotta places to grease on a happytime.
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    Thanks for this. Have you more experienced guys ever thought of getting together a color manual of good quality and selling it for $3.50 at the various gasbike internet sites? I tell you, there's no good quality manual and absolutely no good quality photos.
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    i take off the nut with the clutch cable going through it on da motor carefully thread in a 10 mill er so grease fitting pumper till she comes out by da lil drive gear an done
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    Could you elaborate as to WHERE to put the needle tip of the grease gun? my clutch chirps like mad when it engages and i am very sure it's those **** bearings but i have no idea how to get to them.
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    To grease the tiny ball bearings in the back side of the clutch assembly, you must remove it from the motor. If your kit came with the "puller" tool, you can do this. you must disassemble the outter clutch plate and remove the nut in the center. pull off with tool and then on the back side, there are three little holes, you can see the tiny balls through the holes. carefully add grease through the holes while spinning the plate. Not too much or it will migrate out and get on the clutch pucks. This inner assembly is pressed together I'm told and if the balls come out, it's broken, get a new one.
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    MB's Manuals

    These were sent to me by a friend to answer many of my questions.
    Hope they help answer some questions for others. :D

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    Well i've been told about the puller tool, but i fear doing this because:
    A) how do i put the gear back on?

    B)will i mess up the press fit if i pull the gear off?
  11. Just_Gasit

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    The gear will slide most of the way back on, add the lock washer and nut, tighten and that will finish it. This is the same for all the sprockets and gears on the HT engines. Don't forget to use the key on the shaft and also watch that you don't lose it if it falls off when you pull a gear or sprocket.
  12. Nitropeewee

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    thanks! happened just like u said. almost lost that lil key!