Greetings from Colorado!

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    While I'm not brand-new to MB's or this forum, I hadn't posted anything in a long time - long enough that the system classified me as a Newbie. I built my MB in the spring of '09, spent that summer working out the "bugs", and then enjoyed a virtually trouble-free summer of 2010 cruising around for hundreds of miles.

    I built mine on an old bulletproof Chicago Schwinn bike, and if you can find one for cheap (mine was free) then I highly recommend it. Nothing on the bike itself has broken, or even looks like it's showing stress in any way. The engine is one of the low-cost "China Girl" units, and while they seem to get a lot of criticism I've had no real problems with it. A little carburetor fiddling along with the exhaust gasket failing is about all the trouble I've seen.

    So far I haven't met anyone else with a motorized bike here in Westminster, Colorado. Many folks are curious when they see mine, so I'm sure some will begin popping up sooner or later. Like I tell those who ask, getting old is mandatory but growing up is optional!

    Happy Cruisin/!

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    Well...Welcome back to MBc. We are still here and going strong. You know that if you need help, or have something to contribute, just 'pipe up.' I'm sure you know how things work. Ride Easy...
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    Welcome to the forum. My outlaws life in Westminister and that be a great excuse to bring a MB with me to ride with you instead of hangng out with them. Give me a holler when things warm up!