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    I have been building motorized bicycles (10 total) from kits for about 4 years. I have only worked with Staton and Formula (now friction drive kits and GEBE belt drive kits. I have experience with Tanaka, Mitsubishi, RedMax, and Tecumseh engines. I usually use 7 speed cruiser style bicycles. I currently have a Tanaka TC47 engine installed on a GEBE kit. I am currently interested in building a chain drive motorized bike, which uses Staton's hub (true freewheeling on both sides of the hub), but mated to a Chinese center mount engine. I am currently trying to find out if a large (48T) left-hand threaded freewheel sprocket even exists. I would also like to use mag wheels, at least in the rear, and have only found 24 inch wheels on Staton's website. I am always willing to help a fellow motorized biker as much as I can based on my previous hard lessons learned.



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    Hello Trawheels, Iam from east central Illinois. Iam new to motorized bikes, not that much experience with them except for the golden eagles, a 35cc 4-stroke and a 40cc 2-stroke. Iam considering a TR 47cc on a belt drive, what speed can be achieved on these motors?
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    I am running the non-racing Tanaka TC47, not the TC47R, and I believe there is about 1/2 horsepower difference. Still, Dennis from Gebe thought I should be able to do 45 mph. I have never been anywhere close to that, only about a maximum of 36 mph in ideal conditions. Also, the gas mikeage is poor, much less than 100 mpg. The Tanaka TC47 has adjustments for tuning, but I don't know how to go about that. Maybe if the engine was properly tuned, the top speed and gas mileage would improve. The low-end torque is very good and the bike has better acceleration than a 50cc scooter, but it is very loud. I am using the fastest gear - #14, and I weigh in excess of 250 pounds. I had many problems with broken spokes until I added Gebe's wheel with 10.5 gauge spokes. Since then, no broken spokes, the ring has remained tight on the wheel, and the wheel has remained true.

    My favorite engine is the Mitsubishi TLE43 because it is quiet, very clean running (ok for California), powerful (2.2 HP - about the same as the TC47) and good fuel economy. Gebe's RedMax engine is quite amazing, although it is no longer available. At only 25cc and 1.2 horsepower, it will still run at 30 mph in ideal conditions and gets more than 200 mpg for me.

    I hope this helps!

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    Very good information

    Thanks for the info......I have a 40cc Tanka with an HP 15 MM carborator. The high speed is the black slotted screw that sticks out the side of the carburetor. The low speed screw is located in the center of the throttle fulcrum at the top of the carburetor, next to the swivel where the cable connects. The high speed needs to be adjusted for peak speed/rpm while riding, and than turn it out 1/16 of a turn. Never adjust the high by free revving with the back wheel off the ground and holding the throttle wide open while adjusting the screw. The low speed should be adjusted for good throttle response when initially accelerating. As you adjust your low speed setting, it may affect idle speed. Idle is adjusted by turning the screw that acts as a stop for the throttle fulcrum. When you first begin set the adjustment screws as follows: High speed 1-3/4 turns out, low speed 1 turn out. To set the high and low speed, turn them all the way in just until they stop, then back them out the suggested amount..........I hope this helps you out.........Thanks
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    Welcome to MBc. The HD freewheel hub that is/(was?) sold by came with a 48t sprocket. I don't know if they still sell them.