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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Zemus DE, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Zemus DE

    Zemus DE Guest

    So yeah i am new here but have pretty much been around motorized bikes all my life. My father owns Dimension Edge and has been building bicycle engines for a little over 20 years now. I have owned a countless array of bikes including custom chain drive and direct drive chopper bikes, to a pretty stinken fast dual engine recumbent(thing was geared to do just over 70, and had 2 four stroke honda 50cc engines. It was both chain and direct drives), and alot of pretty nice mountain bikes(mostly dahon folders) with my dads kits on them.

    Anyway I ran into this forum yesterday while searchin around on the web and figured I had to join so here I am and hopefully you'll all be seein me here quite a bit.

    oh and I will try to hold my biases for my dads business to a minimal.

  2. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    Well alrighty then..Welcome Zemus. :smile:
    I'm an old fart with a pretty face buliding his first HT MTB for touring/commuting.

    Start a thread after 24 hours(inorder to load pics) in the Pictar Gallery and show us the 70mph recumbent..If you will.
  3. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest


    Welcome Zemus...
    waitin to see your pics...!
    Good luck :eek:
  4. spunout

    spunout Member

    welcome to MBc Zemus 8) 8) !
  5. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    welcome to MBc
    enjoy the community
  6. locoWelder

    locoWelder Guest

    welcome to MBc Zemus :p
  7. Zemus DE

    Zemus DE Guest


    Um i gave the recumbent back to my dad but i believe the bike itself is still around but not the motors. the custom gearing should still be on, but the friction drive kit was reused on a newer chopper bike i beleive . i will try and get pics of it on as soon as possible, i will also include some other good pics of other bikes.
  8. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Welcome to the group! Do you also make the frames these engines go on?

  9. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    Welcome to MBc

    Bring on the pics. :D
  10. Zemus DE

    Zemus DE Guest

    heh... yeah actually since i found this site i suddenly fell back into the bike thing and am workin here again, and at this moment i am supposed to be building some mounts right now.

    But yes we do build everything short of the engines, and we have the mounts lazer cut before we shape them. Other then that its all built from scratch by hand.

    edit: if you are refuring to the bike frames themselves, then no.
  11. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i love it :D

    oooh, do i detect a possible mind-meld in the future? :wink:

    hi, Zemus DE, welcome to the MBc 8)
  12. Zemus DE

    Zemus DE Guest

    oh and i also posted some pics in the picture gallery section so yeah thats where they are if yas are curious.