Sprockets GRRRR! sprocket. GRRR!

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  1. Can't seem to get the wobble out of my sprocket. It's fairly centered, but wobbles like mad. I tightened the high side until it smoked, and it is still high in the same spot. Has anyone had a problem with the rubber pieces throwing things off? They seem to be of the same thickness, but maybe there's a difference in firmness because of the fiber? There's probably 1/16' inch of difference from high to low. I'm afraid that chain is just going to go bye-bye. I don't know what else to do. I re-did it a couple times.

    I've got the wheel gripped in a vice by the axle nut. I spin the wheel and locate the high spot by placing a level on the brake arm, and I extend a pencil to touch the sprocket surface as the high comes around.


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    try not to get the bolts too tight, get a rubber hammer and walk your bike around with the chain on the sprocket. when the chain starts to leave the sprocket just tap it with the rubber mallet until the chain slips back on. keep doing this until the chain no longer wants to jump the sprocket.
    that's what worked for me
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    When I put the gap in the rubber at the same point as the gap in the backing metal plates it was not as uniform as when staggered the gap under the plate. Did ou put the sprocket on a flat surface to see if was straight to start with ?

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    My sprocket was tweaked. I could not get it straight, then I checked it with a straight-edge. Once I identified the problem, I was able to straighten it with a vise, pry bar and straight-edge.
  5. Firts ,,
    Grab cold beverage ,,,,beer is optional.

    Loosen all the bolts two turns.
    while spinning tire Take a piece Of chalk and bring it close to the top of the Sprocket,
    It will leave a mark on the high spot.
    Tighten the bolts but favor the high spot more.
    If that fails Take a block of wood Or rubber hammer and give it a whack on the high spot.
    Spin wheel and repeat.

    You'll get it.


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    I hear ya, I spent hours trying to get one straight, on two different wheels. Just couldn't get it to where it would work without any wobble. Gave up and went friction.