gt2a-s Mock Up Complete

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by massdrive, Nov 4, 2013.


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  1. massdrive

    massdrive New Member

    Last night I finished mocking up my gt2a_s build, and it started right up. Ran like crap, but it ran. The air filter fell off and then it came to life... Go figure? Anyway I used:
    66cc china girl from Motovelo (had great luck with the first one)
    6:1 compression billet aluminum head (unnamed source refuse to give credit)
    ported jug (unnamed source refuse to give credit)
    cut piston (engine came from Motovelo this way)
    drilled wrist pin (engine came from Motovelo this way)
    rod and wrist pin bearings (came with engine installed them myself)
    Mikuni vm18 carb (unnamed source refuse to give credit)
    stupid CNS 90 degree air filter (crap don't waist your money)
    banana expansion chamber (sound awesome!)
    billet aluminum sprocket adaptor (unnamed source refuse to give credit)
    billet aluminum 44t Sprocket (unnamed source refuse to give credit)
    KNC 415 chain (unnamed source refuse to give credit)
    Motion Pro throttle (unnamed source refuse to give credit)
    For the bicycle components I used:
    Worksman 26 x 2.125 HD double wall 36h alloy rims with 11g stainless steel spokes
    Maxxis Hookworm tires (very sticky in a very good way)
    Maxxis presta valve tubes (work well, but kind of a pain in the ear)
    Rock Shox 29" XC28 Mag TK 100 coil fork
    some cool looking 0-60 degree stem from a local bike shop
    Sunlite MTB City aluminum handlebars
    Shimano Deore disc brake hub (drilled spoke holes for 11g spokes, plenty of metal left)
    Origin8 disc brake (less stopping power than I anticipated)
    Black Ops bottom bracket set, crank, and BMX chain ring
    M-Wave double leg center stand (crap don't waist your money)
    Schwinn alloy peddles
    210 chain from the engine kit
    Schwinn coil spring seat
    XLC coil spring seat post (crap don't waist your money)
    Cheep squishy grips from K-MART

    After the air filter fell off it stopped gurgling and bogging. I fiddled with the carb a little this evening and it almost idles. So fare it seems to run strong. I'll find another air filter so I can tune & tweak it this week. After that tear it down paint it and put it back together. I call it, the "Sprint". Enjoy the pics...

    3.JPG 1.JPG 2.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG 6.JPG

  2. whypedal420

    whypedal420 New Member

    Where did you get the pipe from? bike looks good man.
  3. massdrive

    massdrive New Member

    hey whypeddle, that's a cool handle. I purchased the banana pipe (kit) from Sick Bikes and fabricated the rest myself. Thanks for the compliment.
  4. massdrive

    massdrive New Member

    Running Good

    Today I finished braking in the engine and switched to a 32:1 fuel mixture. This bike hauls ass. I mean it literally hauls my 230 pound ass up hill no problem. Not much at the bottom end but good midrange and upper end. Pump the peddles one good revolution while twisting the throttle and the front wheel lifts skyward...