Harbor Freight 5.5HP OHV Vertical Shaft Engine?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Fletch, Feb 19, 2011.

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    You would need to turn the carb and provide for oiling if it was made horizontal. I guess the question is why? Would you not buy a horizontal shaft to begin with?
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    Are you building a moped ?????

    Plus 5.5 hp is way out bounds for most state laws to be considered a "motorized bicycle". Are you building a moped ?????
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    No...Just curious, but here in CA the max is 2hp engine capable of no more than 30mph, supposed to have a license plate, etc. I am nowhere near compliant with all that, plus I have an expansion exhaust which is not EPA approved. So basically if 5.0 want to roust me they can already. If I use common sense and I am careful and cautious, then I don't expect any greater level of trouble from a larger engine. 4 strokes are quieter than 2 strokes anyway, and I doubt many cops can tell what HP an engine is by looking at it. Even the 49cc HT engines will do 30 in some cases.

    I wouldn't mount it horizontally. I was curious if there is any way to mount it vertically.
  5. professor

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    Sure you can mount it vertically, it will look pretty weird and have a lot of weight up top, but you can run a belt drive at 90 degrees like some tractors did - belt takes kind of an twisted 8 look.
    An idea ripe to be abandoned.
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    This same style engine was used on some old rotery lawn mowers. A friend welded a plate to a bike frame and mounted one (as pictured) chain driven I don't know how, that was 56 yrs ago LOL
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    If theres a Administrator around I was thinking of starting a thread about this GPS unit I have recieved. Like a GPS review. I was going to place the thread in Traveling & Commuting by MotoredBike. Im just going to do it. It makes sense.
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    a 6 or 9 inch grinder would provide a fairly adequate sort of right angle drive that can take a fair bit of abuse...with the clutch there for some "give". they always seem to be a 3:1 redux too, simplifying the driveline a bit...

    but nope. im with professor. an idea thats ripe to be abandoned.

    wonder how the gyroscope effect would feel when cornering?

    um. gps huh? for when you get lost riding around on the back wheel?
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    use a horazantal shaft one

    I WAS CONFUSED and thought you all were. Just get a horazantal shaft model and hit the trail LOL The Chorvear used a belt and 4 pulleys to power it's blower u could do the same .
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    I have a 5.5HP horizontal shaft on my schwinn chopper:) still in the building process but the power is great.

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    And, that horizontal shaft, 212cc motor's on sale right now for $99.

    Plus, there's the smaller, lighter 2.5HP 99cc version.

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    the 99cc motor will fit if you have 8 1/4 inch clearance height wise if you ditch the stock tank and muffler... just bought one today and its TINY...

    about a foot in length
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    Has anyone had some actual experience with this 99cc engine. I like the idea that it turns 3k. Cuts down the rpm's in one step.
  15. IbedaYank

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    take out the govorner and it will do 5000rpm

    most generators and pumps are made to turn at 3500rpm
    going to need to design your own throttle linkage tho
  16. Mr.G

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    Thanks for input. I can go from a 11tooth to a 63 and get 30mph which is all I need
  17. IbedaYank

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    G i have a 14 tooth clutch 24 tooth gear on jackshaft other side of jackshaft is another 14 tooth 72 tooth on axle 26 inch tires at 3500 rpm

    what its governed at is 30.7 mph
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    I just picked up the 99cc at HF for $111 plus tax
  19. darwin

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    Doesn't that 99c motor weigh 25lbs?
  20. IbedaYank

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    about 22 pounds with tank and muffler

    the 212 cc aka 5hp weighs in at 38 or so