Hard Tail Saddle BLUES!

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  1. rule413

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    What Is A Good Alternative To Spending One Hundred Bucks On A Brooks Saddle? Soaking The Bumps With My Legs Is Taking Its Toll On My Knees. I Just Want To Sit And Enjoy The Ride And Not Have To Worry About How The Next Bump In The Road Is Going To Hurt Like ****. On The Cheap Would Be Best...

  2. Happy Valley

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    How about a suspension seatpost? There's a variety available at different price points. I've put several on mountain bikes converted for street use and been very happy with them. I've also had good results going up in size on tires, depending on what your now using, and I like to use slicks.
  3. bamabikeguy

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    Cloud Nine 12" Comfort Saddle is what I use, prices at bike shops is $25-35. Combined with an adjustable shock seat post ($18), makes for a smoother ride.

    I've not seen them, but hear there is a similar 14" available.
  4. rule413

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    Ill Give It A Shot, Thank You
  5. loquin

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    I know some folks don't like 'em, but, I've been using a hobson easy-seat II for several years now, in conjunction with an adjustable suspension seat-post, and I love it.

    The seat-post absorbs the shocks well, and my weight is resting wider out, and not trying to split me in half. Plus, the individual swiveling halves of the seat allow you to peddle with minimal chaffing.

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  6. Turtle Tedd

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    Adjustable suspension seatpost and a cloud nine regular bicycle style seat did it for me and my 60 year old skinny butt..worth every penny..riding onbumpy brick roads at 5mph really used to hurt but now at 10mph no problem.
  7. happycheapskate

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    Get a seat from Cloud 9 by sunline (imported). I got one (fits old style clamp) for $20-25 at a bike shop, and I love it! I might put one on my regular bike if it will fit the modern type post.
    There are also cloud 9 "ergo bike" seats for big butts, which are not efficient for pedal bicycling (despite the moniker) but have a lot of cushion and little springs under the back, good for motoring.

    A suspension seatpost is nice and they are $20-150.
    reviews of suspension posts for mountain bikes.
    (Hint, many come small and use shims to fit various frames)

    A cheaper solution is to use a big fat tire and a thick tube.

    http://custommotoredbicycles.com/home has padded sissy seats for beach cruisers and some mountain bikes. They don't answer their phones well though, so call early in the morning and email.

  8. happycheapskate

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