Having seconds thoughts on a gas motorized bike...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by xkwox, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. xkwox

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    Hey all..

    I have two friends who have suspended licenses like myself, and both have gas motors on their bikes. One recently got pulled over, and got a driving under suspension (IN pa, you need a license for a "moped")

    So he is looking at an additional year added on his suspension.

    I to am suspended, and fear this happening to me.

    The other friend, got pulled over by his town's police. They told him he needs a license and if they see him again, they are ticketing him and taking his bike.

    I think the best way to get around this is using an electric motor as it is a lot less obvious and emits no sounds like a gas does. The batteries can be hidden as well as the motor maybe?

  2. Skyliner70cc

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    Get a rear hub electric motor and put the batteries on saddle bags. Make sure you pretend pedal when passing a cop.
  3. Skyliner70cc

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    Oopps, forgot cyclists are special...they have panniers not saddle bags
  4. xkwox

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    i was thinking the same thing

    do the rear hubs allow a freewheel/cassette?
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    Why would you pretend pedal when electric bikes are actually defined with federal laws??

    They sure do. This site was posted awhile back, but I dunno if anyone has actually ordered anything from them: www.goldenmotor.com

    Either way, they've got a pretty nice collection of electric motors, kits, biks, & other products. They also sell Li-Polymer batteries which are the best around... they are friggin' expensive, tho.
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  7. xkwox

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    yeah, i checked them out. the setup will be about $1200.
    and to buy the good battery would be another $1500 :p
  8. xkwox

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  9. sparky

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    Well, i guess it's ok for city & state gov'ts to make laws stricter than the federal laws. However, if you really have a less than 750watt motor & a good chunk of change to appeal a wrongful decision [multiple times]... you will prolly be ok.

    But who wants to deal with that?? I'm pretty sure most cops wouldn't mess with you, because (around here, at least) they seem to be most worried about noisy 2-strokes being ridden while people are sleeping. Even if they did hassle you, show them a printed out copy of the federal law, and they'd just have to have a really bad day to mess with you.
  10. sparky

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    It's actually $1200 for a complete electric bike, I believe.

    If you already have a bike, the kit is $391 for what I'd get... but it doesn't come with a battery. I'd maybe shop around for a regular Li-Ion battery (can't remember if they sell 'em or not)... it really doesn't need to be their battery, just the same Voltage & lots of Amp-Hours.

    I'd splurge less than $1900 for a silent eBike with a Li-Po battery, a regen brake controller, & a thumb throttle. But I'm a sucker for new technology.
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    Im not being discouraging. Give it some time, do your homework. Check out all options. Go to the police station and ask what your electric options are in your area. No one wants to live life being paranoid everyday. Or, if it has to be, get a good light weight 21 speed and pedal it. You'll almost get there just as fast. (faster than walking) Check out all of the bus routes. One slip up.... and you'll add another year. Im sure you want your license back. If it ends up to be illegal no matter what, you can't win this one. It's a matter of time till you get busted. Sorry, my opinion only.
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  12. xkwox

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    these are the ones i have been looking at


    Phoenix 4840 is $1200. Plus another $1200 for the good battery.
  13. nik

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    bummer to hear that.. we need to keep clear of problems.. i must admit these little machines are fast and tempting so be careful.. i have already wrecked twice by being to relaxed. I have not had any run ins with cops, thankfully.

    I would not ride this on the road to much, I stay on sidewalks were people barley go.

    Good Luck!
  14. xkwox

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    Riding a bike on a sidewalk in my state is against the law.
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    Nice site. I'm pretty skeptical of those statics, tho. 60~88mi, no matter how fast you're going or if it's estimated or actual data... that's just hard for me to believe. I wonder if anyone here has gotten more than 50mi, realistically, without pedaling.
  16. turbo/chaos

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    where and what state are you in Z?
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  18. Alan

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    It's true. In PA, riding bicycles on sidewalks is unlawful for anyone over 16. At least in the city. I never heard of anyone being hassled though, and see it all the time. Every bike rack for locking your bike to, in the city, is on the sidewalk, so you just ride over to it, and lock up.
  19. are you sure about that? just pulled this from the penndot site:

    Section 3508. Pedalcycles on sidewalks and pedalcycle paths.
    (a) Right-of-way to pedestrians.-- A person riding a pedalcycle upon a sidewalk or pedalcycle path used by pedestrians shall yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian and shall give an audible signal before overtaking and passing a pedestrian.

  20. Alan

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    You are correct !!
    I was lied to, by all people, the Philly police !