Hello all, i am new and need some advice

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    Hello, I am new to motor bikes , I am going to build my first one. i am wondering what bike/engine to buy that would allow upgrades in the future, I am a mechanic by trade , so i know how things work, just not all the little bugs and tips to make it eaisier. I would like to build a strech cruiser just because they look cool to me, any help would be appreciated, thankx

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    sorry, i live in ocean city nj
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    I have an axle mounted staton Inc43 cc it is nice japanese motor!! It goes about 35 on flat ground I weigh 250 pounds so...
  4. Since you live in Nj you should first check with your local laws on bicycles with motors.
    That is only if you plan on using it on roads.
    If its for offroad then it won't matter.

    I used a 2-stroke inframe kit and they are nice and also upgradable.
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    Laws In nj

    I have looked and talked with a local cop in ocean city. He told me they are ok as long as it's not a motorcycle, he said it doesn't matter how fast it can go as long as it's a bicycle. He even said he would like to check it out when I'm done. With that said, I guess it depends on the cop you deal with , I'm sure they could bust your chops if they wanted to. But I belive these are gray area , but you can shut down and pedal if there's a concern