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  1. As promised...i'm posting. Well, i got into motorbiking out of a need to reduce my commuting expenses - especially since i'm not commuting with my wife anymore. I have a staton chain drive 19 tooth gear box sprocket with the honda gxh50 mounted to a full suspension "mal-wart" special bike. My commute is 100 miles round trip so I hope this engine is as dependable as everyone says it is. Since I don't have any hills on my commute (Virginia beach area) the bike has been geared for "speed" although I didn't get exactly what I wanted. However, I still have a top end speed of 35 MPH WOT (in theory) and I typically ride at about 30 MPH (6000ish rpms). I had hoped to get 200 MPG but as of current it appears to be about 180. A higher gear might fix this but at this point I'm certainly not complaining as it still more than quadruples the current MPG of my car. Any advice on improving the longevity/reliability of the motor would be greatly appreciated. Its easy to find a lot of stuff about the 2 cycles, but not the four. I'll be posting to there eventually...

    Anyway, glad to be here...

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    hey ter; i hope you break in was proper if so your mpg should go up quite a bit. you should be able to hold 30mph on a flat without going wot. maybe open the jet a tad. good luck. mitch
  3. what's a jet? I'm sure I will be assuming a new life role...small engine mechanic
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    the jet in the carb can be reamed out in very small increments to increase the amount of fuel flow. with tiny drill bits.