Hello everyone. Chris from BC

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  1. Im looking forward to building a motored bike, something simple that does not look like or sound like what it really is. reason being, laws are tight in BC and efficient electric bike kits are very expensive and slow. I think I will call it "Project Stealth". Im just reasearching to find the right bike and motor combo. Thanks for having me on your forum.

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    Welcome. I think that it will be difficult to disguise a gas powered build. Maybe a hybrid or one of the pusher carts that some members are experimenting with.
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
  4. I would think that noise reduction would be the key to hiding the motor. I wont be riding it around lots of traffic, just country roads and back streets. Im curious to know if anyone has tryed to make there bike look like a home built e bike. Thanks for the response.
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool: There is lots of great info on this site, use the search to find your answers to 99% or more of your questions.
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    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!
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    Welcome to MBC. Myself, I really like Beast's milk crate camo. He also has done a lot of noise control work.
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    bc here

    welcome to mbc.i have all info on your questions,pm me and ill fork it out:cool:
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    Going legal

    Here where we are in BC gas motoredbikes are ILLEGAL to run on public roads. That is why I am "jumping through the hoops" required to license and insure my bike as a moped (limited motorcycle).

    Engine BELOW 50 cc. (49.99999 cc is ok 50 cc. is NOT)
    Headlight (Must adhere to MVA)
    Tail light
    Brake lights
    License illuminator
    Turn signals are NOT a requirement.

    The "hoops":
    Take the bike to a gov't weigh station
    (where the weigh trucks on the highway)
    and get an official weight cert.

    Send in an application to ICBC (+$25) for a BC VIN.
    Tell them which ICBC approved inspection station to
    send the VIN plate to. Have them inspect the vehicle
    and attach the VIN plate.

    Take all of your receipts (to prove you actually own
    the bike) and all of the above paperwork to any Autoplan
    dealer and you can get a registration and insure the bike
    as a "limited motorcycle".

    Now you can ride the bike on any public roadway to a max speed of 70 KMH (Sure on 49 cc.). Using only your automobile drivers license! :D Insurance is cheap.

    I think its worth it IMHO.

  11. Good advice. Im sure its easier said than done tho.
    Unfortunatly I have no licence right now (i will eventualy get it back), And I would like to see how one of these will ride before I legalize it. I just want to build one and ride it without drawing to much attention. Im sure discretion will pave the way for me. If I was to build one to register it, I would have to make it something quite special for it to be worth it, like a chopper or something.
    I live a ways out of the city, and my work is close, so I wouldnt be riding anywhere near city traffic and if I stayed under 32Kph and didnt make a lot of noise, I would probably be overlooked if a cop did pass me by.
  12. I have not yet purchased anything to start my project yet. I was thinking about a 50 or 70cc 2 stroke frame mount chain drive with a rear mounted gas tank that a saddlebag would easily camoflauge. I havent decieded on a frame tho, something like a common mtb would work i think, just to keep it simple and not attract to much attension. Mabey some side panals over the motor to mimick a battery pack with some e-bike decals on it. Ive heard rubber shims between some of the cooling fins help deaden the noise and a denser air filter can also minimize air intake noise. Im willing to sacrifice power for stealth, so im sure I could make this work.
    If it walks ands talks like a duck, it must be a legal bike.