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    Hello everyone. I am Into building motored bikes but as of late resorted to using an english 1977 raleigh racing tour de france bike cuz I am not too Impressed with the cheap 2 stroke kits. Went through them like hotcakes and most Issues I had were with cheap wall mart bikes and thin cheap rims that warp or taco. And I can't afford to sink In excess of 1000 bucks for a decent In frame or rear mount 4 stroke kit and prefer In frame kit although at this point I am open to trying rear mount cuz of the reliability Issues I have read about with people getting 10,000 miles on them. So when I see a good deal on some bikes that are not garbage and a cool In frame kit that actually Is reliable and some decent vendors and prices within 1000 bucks for a good bike/engine kit I will do another build. Till then I think I will stick to pedal power. Don't mean to be negative but, I seen too many problems with my friends kits and I am not gonna put 24 hours a day Into repairs. Hopefully there are a few good kits out there for a decent price.

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    Welcome to the forum. Most of these assisted bikes require some regular tinkering and troubleshooting.
    An electric assisted bike would require less tinkering and still possibly fit your budget if you are willing to use SLA batteries.