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    Hello All,
    I am new to this forum, been on a couple weeks talking to Quenton. I finally have gotten around to typing this to introduce myself.

    My name is David A. I live in Westminster located in the sunny OC of Califonia. 4 years ago my father convinced me to look for a whizzer, something i had no knowledge about, let alone exist. After reading about them i fell in love. The simplicity of a bicycle with a 4 stroke motor. (i hate 2 strokers, too noisy and gross) I located one for sale in L.A. with less than 40 original miles. A 2005 whizzer for only $1000. Good deal. at that time i had no idea of the different models and problems. I lucked out in that i purchased a NE-5, the best of the whizzers.

    For the year after I bought my whizzer I rode her everywhere. I would take her through backbay newport, fashion island, through costa mesa, to work, pretty much everywhere. The only mod i did at the time was the restictor plate, i wasnt aware of mushroom lifter and head milling at the time.

    Some of the early mods were removing the fenders, changing the handlebars, and after leaning too far on the beach cruiser tires and having the knob spit the bike out from under me, i upgraded to the Maxxis Hookworms. (amazing tires)

    after a year of having the whizzer i went through two rear rims, (**** potholes) and after the second crash i put her in the backyard and left her. At that time i moved up to a motorcycle (yamaha R1) and forgot about the whizzer.

    The past couple months i have been in the process of overhauling my whizzer. I have taken the motor out and with the help of Quenton (who is the MAN!) i have been overhauling my whole whizzer.

    At this point I am almost done and will be putting my whizzer back together next week. The mods i have done are:

    Engine: Mill head, copper gasket, cut head bolts, modified auto clutch, (all thanks to Quenton) Valve re-cut and seated, American mushroom lifters installed, Progressive springs installed correctly, decked cylinder, advance cam one tooth, paint cylinder black.

    Frame: I have replaced broken headstock bearings, installed new handle bar stem, replaced handlebars again with shorter black ones, having disc brake installed to replace front drum brake, and installed oil breather system.

    Im trying to do pretty much every mod except porting the intake (ran out of funds)

    If anyone has any other suggestions of whizzer mods, let me know.

    I also included pictures of my whizzer in the first year, after removing fenders but before i put the hookworms on.

    I will update with pictures when my whizzer is back together.


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    Welcome to the forum. You will definitely convert some non-Whizzer guys with your cool machine.