Hello from Echo Park Calif.

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    Just saying hello and thanks for all your insight and inspiration. I am new to this a have been trolling around looking and learning. I am going to start my build this weekend i hope. I have a 20 year old schwinn cruiser. A RAW motor kit. I hope its decent it was hard finding shipping to Calif. And... Wish me luck. I also ordered better nuts and bolts from sick and a bunch of other stuff here and there. it probably would have been cheaper to buy a new bike then add and refresh this one. : ) Live and learn. It will be fun and it will be my creation good or bad.

    p.s. you guys really make me wish i knew how to weld!

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    i thought i had already done this but the site keeps telling me to introduce myself. so maybe i was on "another" site before??? hi again if this is a repeat