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    Hello everyone. I've spent a few weeks lurking and reading about your bikes and projects. I'm waiting for a BikeBerry 80cc 2 stroke kit to build one for myself.

    Like many people from Wisconsin I grew up in farm country riding dirt bikes, atvs, snowmobiles, and anything that makes noise. My dad was a Master Machinist for AMC in Kenosha and the "motor culture" here is strong.

    But, I never got into the big Milwaukee made bikes. Small bikes are better for the city. I've made do with enduros, scooters and small displacement bikes since moving to Milwaukee over twenty years ago.

    In '04 i bought a 1971 Lambretta GP200 (2t 4speed 12hp) vintage Italian/Indian motorscooter. After many upgrades and go faster parts and tuning...I entered the ScooterCannonball Run in '06 and flogged it from coast to coast with 35 other crazy people. My daily rider is a '71 Honda Scrambler. So, as you might guess, I'm handy with a wrench...fiercely independent...and just as crazy as you all.

    Currently I work at Milwaukee Vespa and my wife works at the U of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Both of us use bicycles as secondary transpo...'cuz she would rather walk, and I'd rather ride. Our Prius can sit in the garage.

    I'm going to install the 80cc onto my old hybrid bike, but will be looking to find something with a vintage boardtracker look. I'm considering a Micargi Royal frame with monarch forks and custom tank. The RC dc motor strings are also very interesting because I'd like to build something quiet for my wife.

    I've noticed that most people here are bicyclist first and have come here from a bicycle background. Hopefully my scooterist/motorcyclist approach will blend in and bring new ideas to this forum.


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    Welcome aboard. You sound like you'll be a valuable addition to this clutch of motor maniacs. Be sure to post some pics of your bike build.