Hello from Milwaukee!

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  1. RedBaronX

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    I don't have my motored bike yet... I don't even have my pedal bike yet!

    But I've got a Greenline cruiser on the way as we speak, and earlier today I met up with someone who will be helping me with the conversion. I was going to just get the bike, but my commute is 14 miles each way, and some power assist will be really helpful!

  2. AussieSteve

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    G'day RedBaronX. Welcome to the site. Plenty here to keep you amused.
    What sort of engine are you thinking of fitting?
  3. RedBaronX

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    I have no idea... the woman who is going to help me rattled off a bunch of types, brands, styles... she's been building motored bikes for three years, so I told her "Tell me what you think I need! I will trust your advice."
  4. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    my apartment now has that "new bike smell"
  5. RedBaronX

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    I finally have all the parts (I ordered some extra bits, like a Whizzer fuel tank), everything is painted, and I started assembly yesterday. With this heat, I'm not busting my butt, so I only got the rear sprocket on and made some adjustments. I have Sunday off, so I am hoping to have it done and have a few break-in runs under my belt by the end of the day


    I'm eventually going to do the seat and grips in brown leather to match the leather saddle bags and tool kit that I will be making. I'm going for a vintage military look. My dining room is my workshop-- has been for a LOT of projects, including the Russian rifle you can see behind the front wheel... Anyone else park their MB in their apartment? I would prefer to, but I don't want it to get stinky with gas fumes... does it not get that bad?
  6. Fulltimer

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    That is a good start and good looking bike. Too bad you couldn't paint the engine to match the bike.:cool:

  7. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    I think the black motor will look good with the green bike. The exhaust is black as well, but the drive-chain guard is green.
  8. RedBaronX

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  9. ibdennyak

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    I'm liking that comfy looking seat. My bony butt could use the padding. Also notice the window fan. Is Milwaukee as hot as when I lived there?
  10. AussieSteve

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    Great looking bike. I agree, RedBaronX, the black motor should look good with the green.
  11. RedBaronX

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    it's actually been in the 70's during the day and 60's at night the last few days... so the fans are just to draw the beautiful fresh cool air through (that fan is actually blowing out.

    The seat is available through Spooky Tooth (as well as other places) and averages $40. I happened to get it local from my MB motor connection. I like it because it looks plenty vintage but is still padded.

    I like how well the motor and components "fill" the space. Makes it look even more like a mini motorcycle
  12. pucksterpete

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    Whats your cats name and nice looking rifle in the background.

  13. RedBaronX

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    that one is Ludo. they pretend they don't like having their pictures taken...

    the rifle is a Russian Mosin Nagant that I got earlier this year, stripped down, and refurbished. The metal was in great shape, but the finish on the stock had seen better days. It's the fifth rifle I've stripped down
  14. ibdennyak

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    Yep, it is a nice looking bike.

    Weather sounds great. Miss Milwaukee sometimes. Lots of nice people. I imagine it has changed a lot since I was there.
  15. RedBaronX

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    when I moved here from Janesville in 1991, I lived on the East Side for seven years, moved to Waukesha for a couple years, and then went back to the East Side just inside Shorewood. East Side changed a lot in just the couple years I was gone, and changed even more in the four years I was up in Shorewood. It's all hipsters and condos...

    so, now I'm in Bay View. It feels like what the East Side was when I first came here.

    Once I adjust the brakes, my bike is READY to ride!
  16. Al.Fisherman

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    I like the Military look, looks really nice. I'd go the full military look. Check out the link in my signature....

    Now for cagers...this is what you need..

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