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    Hey all!
    I got sick of taking the bus to school, so I bought a HT engine for my bike. I live in Hamilton, if anyone's keen for a ride with me.

    I got the motor, 70cc, off Motrax.co.nz, which seems to be the only place in NZ selling engines.

    So far I've managed to get it up to 61kmh, according to my phone GPS.

    Having had the bike for 2 weeks, I've had to replace the clutch cable, the spark plug cap is held on by string, I've had to replace 2 bolts on the sprocket since I stripped them, I have a strange combination of double nuts, split washers and nylocs holding my engine on, the thing is also so loud that my ears ring after riding it.

    I still love it however, since it sounds and looks awesome (or at least to me).

    On my list of things to do is: Get a new spark plug, get a new carb, put inner tubes on the motor mounts and insulate the exhaust pipe. Are there any other things I should do?

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    You should check the line up of the exhaust to the exhaust port and of the intake manifold to the intake port. Historically these on Motrax engines do not line up and it affects the performance. The performance can be upped by drilling some more holes in the exhaust baffles. Kind regards Geoffrey
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    I take it drilling holes in the baffles will make it somewhat louder too?
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    Welcome, not too bad with the problems, easy to fix.

    Most don't recommend (rubber) insulating the engine from the frame, a well placed and engine installed correctly will make the difference. Mounts need to be flush on the tubes, without any or very little (use shim) gaps.

    Some ideas.
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