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  1. hydrostatic

    hydrostatic New Member

    Good day! I am a pedicabber from Orlando Fl. I don't run a motor, though have interest in commenting on a few threads.

  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member


    with some time spent here -- you may consider a motor ???

    makes it nice when one rides the motor bike thing
  3. hydrostatic

    hydrostatic New Member

    I would not be opposed to a motor, and have thought of using electric motors before.
  4. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    think it might add a little something to the ride
    for both you and the customer
    take offs -- faster
    distance -- longer

    may not be needed but sounds good on paper

  5. hydrostatic

    hydrostatic New Member

    I was not thinking about a motor for my pedicab, but just a personal bike.
    A major draw back in having a motor for my pedicab is that I travel quite frequently and different municipalities have varying regulation. For example local taxi codes often will refer to a taxi as either "A Vehicle...", or "A Motorized Vehicle...". This can be a major deal breaker at events. Additionally I have yet to find a motorized pedicab (not scooter) that will constantly out run me. On a personal bike on the other hand....

    Additionally can you think of a solution that is able to pull 800+ pounds for 6+ hours at a time? At some events I come close to 100 miles.
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