Hello from southern Colorado.

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    Hello all, I have been reading a lot of good info here,I am starting out with a late fiftys to mid sixties tank bike called an "sportmaster" 26 inch wheels with racks on both ends,Haven't found much info about it. was courous if any one knows something about it. I have plans for a board track style build,I ordered a Grubee gt5 66/80 from kings motorbikes or known as gas bike also, Any experience with kingsmotorbikes.com?

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    Welcome to the forum. I haven't dealt with kingsmotorbikes, but have a 2 stroke China motor on my bike. I think you will like it.
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    I ordered threw kings. it was ok no probs. I'd do it again.
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    yeah my buddy use's kings says its ok stay away from bike berry I ordered a 61cc pull start kit from them motor kit showed up missing the pull starter asmbly, chain clutch actuator and cover, gas cap and rag joint. Called them told them thay made me send them pictures of what i got. accused me of fraud and tried to get me to pay for the shiping of the parts they took of at there warehouse. They eventualy sent me what I was missinsg about 3 weeks later. I did order parts from them later. They again sent only half of what I ordered. Had to go through the whole process over again.
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    good to know i wont recommend them.
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    hey I have had great experience with pirate cycles. I got my parts in 3-4 buisness days he must have put it in the box and shipped it the second I ordered it. oh and got some candy and some cool swag he threw in the box
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    Thanks for the warm welcome! I signed up on the other forum(bicycle motor forum), You guys over here are more personable!
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    Good peeps

    I agree these people are way nicer. Iam gelliouse i never got any free swag. :(
  9. I'm ordering a SBP Expansion Chamber from there now. Hope it all works out well.
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    got the motor today

    I recieved my motor from kings motors today,(AKA gasbike.com) a grubee gt5 in all the whole experience was pain free and got it delivered in 4 days. The kit looks really good but i don't have any thing to compare it to, Looking forward to the build.
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    some progress.

    Had a good day, things went really well,fabed front mount up, need to run cables and true up rear sproket and some small details what a diffrence a few hours make. Sorry for small pics. will try to fix? any suggestions?
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    small update with pics.

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    Get a chain breaker and shorten up both chains.
    Looks good though... You might want to get an inline fuel filter, these gas tanks are usually full of sedimentary rusty crud..
    Choke or throttle cable looks to short, you don't want it pulling tighter when you turn the handle bars to either extreme, it's dangerous..
    This can be a dangerous hobby so you absolutely need good brakes, front and rear.
    Coaster brakes won't cut it.. It ain't just a bicycle anymore.
    Have fun but be careful

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    what the bike???

    I think these types of bikes were sold in the southwest at western auto stores sometimes called western flyers like the sleds and wagons they sold. look at the pressed dropoouts those were indicative of the frames cheaper than the shwinns that were welded. Ive seen several varieties that had 2 d batteries for the front light in in the tank and had a horn button on the side sold by sears, mongomery wards and western auto in the 60''s. Have fun. looks like a nice board track racer. How does it ride?
  15. poo poo pipe

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    Thanks for all the tips and info on the AMF, The photos were taken in build stages, Since then all has been done except "brakes"... Coster brakes does as the name implies: You use them and you "coast". In all it rides good and is getting better all the time!