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    hi my names bill and im 14 ive been looking to put an engine on my bike for ages and i found this aussie made kit called Zbox


    but wanted to know with this kit can i still use my bike as a bike like having the engine engaged to drive and disengaged to pedal but will i be able to still use the gears on my mountain bike so i can go in 1st 2nd and so on also are there anytuned pipes for these as i would love to have more power

    oh yeah and wat speeds may i be able to get upto on these things and im looking for something with lots of power but about in the $250-$350 price range

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  2. 4wdingman

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    hey bill
    i've got a zbox
    its a great motor and the service there is unreal!!
    you can still use the bike like a normal bike but it would be a bit heavier.
    Go slow when you run it in but dont be afraid to let her go every now and then.
    You will gain more speed after run-in. You can cruise at about but you can go faster with a smallier sproket but remember that its just a bike, not a car or a motorbike.

    Ride that thing like you stole it.