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    I'm another one of the newbies wandering through. I found this forum searching for information about motorized bikes...and spent a couple of weeks haunting and reading as an anonymous guest ghost.

    I'm a bit off the norm--I'm female, clueless about motors, and barely able to maintain a regular bicycle. I've never played with an engine ever, but I intend to build my own motorized bike, mostly so that I learn exactly how and why it goes...or doesn't. (I do have some mechanics to fill me in and help with brute force too...I might be ignorant, but I'm not stupid either!)

    That's why I'm here--I haven't even bought the bike to motorize (I have a cheap dual suspension that I have no delusions about the wisdom of sticking a motor on it) or the motor kit yet. I want to be able to make a choice and know why I'm choosing besides using price or size as a gauge of merit.

    I do know it will be under 50cc (law stuff) and gasoline. Probably 2 cycle. I prefer 26" wheels, mostly because of the KISS theory--keep all wheels the same size and life is easier. First one will be a learner bike, cheap as possible. Second one will probably be a motorized trike or a better bike for my other half...who I suspect happens to think I'm suffering from a mid-life crisis because of my "obsession".

    My reasons for wanting a motorized bike? A bunch! I can't pedal as far as I'd like for physical reasons. I like to ride my bicycle, but I'd like to get somewhere eventually too! I like camping and fishing, but gas is killing everyone with the rising prices. Who can afford to GO and do those things? This is my answer. It's also why the gas rather than electric--electric just doesn't have the range that gas motors do. I need the assistance up the hills too.

    I've also had this crazy dream since I was a teenager of going cross country on a bike, camping and seeing the country. When I was young and in shape enough to do it, I was too busy doing the "right thing" to do it, and now...I'm not physically able to do it. Maybe this will let me do it, but first steps first...

    This may be the only post anybody sees from me for a while. I tend to be one of those people that watches a lot, and see no reason to remove all doubts about my ignorance by stating it in unnecessary posts.

    Hopefully, by early fall, I'll have that learner project done, and can post a picture before engaging in the next build. I'm excited, even while a lot of my family & friends think I've lost my mind. That's okay...we'll look for it on our next bike ride, right?

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    Hi and welcome..

    I'm new too. Ive had mine for about a week now and have ridden every day. I didn't build the bike I bought it complete. I do have a few thoughts on frames though. I am a really big man 275lbs and my frame is a schwinn riverside.

    downsized_0518111846.jpg <--- My Bike

    This is a very heavy, and heavy duty frame. My top speed is no where near 35 mph but that's to **** fast for me anyway. I am looking for another motorized bike for my wife and hopefully it will be on a schwinn frame as well. The problem is at 4'11" tall she wants something low enough to the ground that mounting and dismounting won't be a problem. Right now she rides a schwinn LuLu

    2977428_5140260_290.jpg <--- My wifes Schwinn

    I may just hire a mechanic to put a kit on this one for her although she loves it just like it is. They make smaller frames (huffy) but they just don't look as sturdy. I'm sure something will coma along it always does.

    One other thought.. I don't know if it would be a very good idea to put a motor on a bike with a rear suspention.. esp a 1st bike. It would just seem to me that the more complex the machine the more difficult. I hope you will post often as I know my wife would feel more comfortable socializing and making female friends then a bunch of guys.

    Feel free to contact us directly at swaney3@gmail.com if you want too.

    Mr. & Mrs. Swaney
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    My Daughter in law is a short gal, she can ride a normal girls bike, but not a man's and especially with a frame mounted China engine. We opted to set one up for her on a chopper frame. Now when stopped has no trouble touching the ground without burning herself.
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    As silly as it sounds

    I've suggested this. Her issue with this is she wants a girly looking bike. I'm looking for a chopper frame in pink or white. Perhaps one of the older frames they used to have that used the banana seat.
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    Second.... I've lived in Greenville,MS for 20+ years before moving to Alabama. Alabama is Motorized bicycle friendly, where Mississippi IS NOT.

    What are requirements for a motorized bicycle or scooter to be registered?
    A motorized bicycle manufactured 1980 and following must have a seventeen (17) digit VIN conforming to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration requirements. There must be a decal or plate attached with a statement that the motorized bicycle meets the Federal Safety Standards. If the motorized bicycle does not meet these requirements, it is considered a "toy vehicle. A toy vehicle may not be titled or registered in Mississippi and may not be operated on public roadways within this state.

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    I worked on a shrimp boat out of Biluxi during the 70's... miss them po' boys and shrimp gumbo! ;)
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    I had heard that if you didn't have a motorcycle endorsement on your license, you were going to be hassled, largely as a result of the razor scooter phenomena. They are selling electric bikes everywhere these days, but they aren't real noticeable as being motorized, so likely are overlooked. I've seen a few postings from other Mississippi users/builders, so I wonder if enforcement is selective?

    That leaves me with a couple of alternatives. I'm not sure we could get by with the stunt of using an old moped for the VIN & registration. I could get a drs. prescription for a mobility assistance device, and go straight to the tricycle, but that would leave my other half w/o a motorized bike unless we just bought a moped for him. The 1980 thing leaves me wondering about "restoring" an old "moped" and licensing it too--if we used an old bike frame.

    Any other suggestions? Personal experiences?

    How about people who are crossing Mississippi on their motorized bikes? Is it a nightmare for them? We're only about 5 miles from the Alabama border anyhow...but we just barely registered our van & got MS licenses...grrrr!
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    welcome aboard gia--just a heads up the electrics range has greatly expanded and gets you past many states laws---40 miles is easy and 100 really isnt that hard with the lifepo4 batteries out there--we have one fellow here who is in the process i believe of converting his electric chopper so it will have a 200 mile range
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    I'd be very interested in that project, that's the kind of dependable range that is needed to take electric bikes from the urban world to practical use. I would also be interested in how well it works with a load, such as a trailer. I'll have to keep on checking around on the progress with the electrics too.