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    Been gathering info from the site for a while and built a bike. It is a work in progress, but is a fun little project. I normally do car projects, but needed something I could do and still have time for kids and wife.
    Thanks everyone for all the information:

    Sorry if the pix are too large

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    Cool looking machine, love the pipe and idea for the airbox.
    I just got a free mountain bike but the rear derailluer is busted so I have to find one I guess before I order my kit. Any suggestions for a beginner with moderate experience with 2 stroke scooters?
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    advice to a beginner:
    Get the dual brake controller
    it allows you to control front and rear brakes with one lever. I bought mine on Amazon
    Get good brake pads, these bikes were not designed to go 30mph and stop, so brake pads are important. If you can do disc brakes that would be better. I find brakes to be my biggest limiting factor
    Check the frame space for the engine to make sure it will fit without modificaiton
    Then have fun. It is a blast to ride for fun