Hello fron Adelaide, Australia

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Victor Vance, May 29, 2009.

  1. Victor Vance

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    Hi, my names Victor. I have a Zbox Z50(49cc) engine fitted to a DYNO frame, it needed the engine mounts to be modified, but i fitted it with success. These engines can take a bit of a beating and so cheap too. Hope to possibly meet other people in my area as these a re great kits if you get them from a good bacth.:grin5:

  2. Happy Valley

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    Hi and welcome tto MBc.
    I know there are other members here near your area, might be good to make contact.
  3. EnFlaMEd

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    Hey Victor Vance. I recognise your name from ns.com! I think there are a few of us with motories now. Should try and dig up the old thread on them. I have a skyhawk GT5 GEN 4 80cc(66cc) with a sbp shift kit, expansion chamber and a boost bottle. I am from Adelaide too.
  4. Victor Vance

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    HaHa dude what are the chances, i recognise your name too:whistling:. Their are few NS.com members such as softy who own cool bikes like us:grin5:.
    Do you live near the western suburbs?
    Heres the link from the Motorised bike thread from Nissansilvia.com
  5. EnFlaMEd

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    Haha Softy. Last I heard he had broken it somehow. I live up near Tea Tree Gully so miles away!
  6. Victor Vance

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    Last i heard it was for sale for $250, if i had the cash i would by it since its the 66cc version and is fresh, unlike my thrashed example:whistling:
  7. EnFlaMEd

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    I reckon just buy a motor if you need to replace it. Im pretty happy with my engine so far but I probably would have bought one of the 70cc hp engines from rock solid if I had known about them. There is a shop really close to me that is a distributor for their stuff as well but the dude there hates motoredbikes. I probably wont go back for help again after last time.
  8. geoffmaree

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    enflamed i,m thinking of buying the jackshaft whats your opinion of the kit?
  9. EnFlaMEd

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    Well the only motored bike I have ridden is mine so it would be hard for me to compare it but I am 100% happy with mine now. It has taken a bit of research and stuffing around to get it all sorted out but I had no knowledge of bikes before I began my build. I reckon if you were familiar with bikes or these engines you would be able to install the kit no worries. The things I got stuck on were stupid **** anyone with a clue with bikes would not even have to think about.
    As my bike is at the moment I do not need to peddle it apart from start up and 90% of the riding I have been doing is on what I call my local test course which is a few very hilly country roads (same course I use to test my cars out on) which add up to around 20km a trip. So far I have done just over 200kms on my bike.
    I think the benefits and shear fun of riding with the kit is well worth the money and I don't think I would even bother building another one in the future without this kit.
  10. fredie

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    gday from sydney