Hello slant head question?

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    just got a 80cc(66cc) engine kit installed runs fine just i have a couple questions which way should the slant head face my spark plug on my engine came facing the exhaust but most i have seen face the carburetor would that make any difference cause mine seems to leave a tannish oily residue around the spark plug also when starting up i have to keep full throttle cause it boggs till i go about 100 feet then it runs great i'm using a NGK B6HS gapped to .030

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    Hi Narutokun

    There is a wealth of information on this site. Just use the search function and i'm sure you will find the answer to your question, if not many other answers too.

    If that doesn't give satisfactory help, there are quite a few seriously switched on people cruising the forum.
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    Makes no difference, that you will be able to tell. Your plug is not seated causing fuel mix to escape around the threads. Head may not be threaded all the way, might not have a good finished where the plug seats. You can get a plug gasket/washer and try.

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