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    There is a lot of really good info on this site!

    I have a Mongoose XR-75 that i hope to put something on.

    I'm working on an Industrial Technology degree at Ohio University. Somebody had suggested that I zip tie a weed whacker to my bicycle so i could get around after my motorcycle's engine died (1982 Yamaha Maxim). It sounded like a good idea to me!

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    search weedeaters, chainsaws and docs posts
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    I was going to buy a weed eater from a friend, but somebody already bought it from him. I ended up with a 49cc pocket engine for the same very low price :D

    I really need to revive the ol mongoose. I left it sit outside without riding it for about a year. I replaced the cables all the cables amongst other things and its looking a lot better. Even with the old chain, the derailer is smoother than it ever was. I just need to get a new chain to try it out. Rear brakes are optional right? :roll: They never did work quite right, and a few of the pieces were broken so I focused on the front brakes. I need to find another set of linear pull brakes and a new lever for the front.

    I've been looking at friction kits, but i'm wondering if they'll work ok with the rear triangle geometry. It looks like the upper frame tubes are a lot lower than on a hardtail. I guess i could shorten the engine supports that connect to the rear axle / fender mounts if need be.