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    Hey guys, i never new such a site existed until i google searched a problem that i was having with my bike and this amazing sight popped up :grin5:. Iam markham and i own a 66cc 2 stroke bike motor. ive done many things to my motor to enhance performance and i have found many great tips for improvment on this site from all you great people.

    Kind regards Markham:cool2:

  2. Hello......

    G'day from another Aussie, markham26.
    You will find the the answers to 99.9% of your problems with a bit of searching around here.
    I havent been here very long myself, but Ive been playing motorised bikes for over a year now.......Im not sure what part of Oz your in, but beware the local constabulary, as im sure your aware these things are ill-eagle over here.........Welcome to the forum.........Chris......
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    Hey Chris nice to know there is another Aussie around here :)
    OK cool, I've been on this site a few times so i know my way around fairly well and i have found many answer's to most of my questions already. I am in The hunter region of NSW, am i anywhere near you?, I've been riding my motorized bike around the street for the past few months and have pasted police offers on many occasions. A mate of mine has been pulled over and the officer checked his bike for lights, tested its brakes and then said take it easy and left. have you been pulled up yet?

    Regards markham26 :)