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    I just built this custom old skool bobber bike. Built from scratch by me. I have a 66cc SD Stinger on it. The whole float assembly in the carb took a dump, so I put my old carb from a 49cc engine on. I switched the jets and put it all back together. Then I fired it up and NOW IT HAS A VIBRATION PROBLEM? You can feel it up and down the whole bike when you ride it. Any ideas what's wrong, or what I could do to reduce the vibrations?

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    To balance crankshaft and other
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    I have a few idea you could check:

    check if it is mounted down correctly, centered etc.

    place rubber pieces underneath you motor mounts to help eliminate the vibration from motor to frame. I've done so and it has help in the past. rubber is great for taking away vibrations.

    Double check, then check again that all bolts and nuts are tight, including your bicycle itself. Check welds on frames

    did you have the vibration problem before you put the other carby on?
    Reason i ask is i had a bad vibration problem when i had the stock NT carby, basically my bike felt like it was going to fall apart. When i upgrade to the NT speed carby all the vibrations where gone apart from the normal vibrations you'd expect when you stick a motor on a bicycle.

    Remember that vibration is a given when you place a motor on a bicycle.

    Hope that helps, good luck.
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    I vibrated a little bit before I put the new carb on. The new one I installed is a real piece of junk for a chinese engine. That might be the problem. Do you have a link for that carb you were talking about? I think it's time to upgrade...
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    I got mine from here, thou i live in Australia. I dont know where you could get one from where your located. Maybe someone else on this forum knows...
  6. DuctTapedGoat

    DuctTapedGoat Active Member sells the same carb for 25 bucks (before shipping). sells the same carb for 35 bucks (before shipping).