Help here in So Cal ? !


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8:19 AM
Jun 22, 2008
Fontana, CA.
Does anybody know of a place here in Southern California that builds motorizedbikes? I need help finishing my motorized bike project. Would like to work with someone who's done this a few times. I can't get the alignment from the engine to the rear sprocket right. Chain falls off and tensioner gets twisted upside down. Brand new kit and I can't even try to start engine before this problem is fixed. I feel that i'm losing interest and I don't want to abandon the project. I live here in Fontana , CA. Next to Ontario California.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark M :)
Sounds like you are pretty close. Possibly you could post some photos for us to digest and troubleshoot online ? I had issues with my idler being too wide for the narrow tube.