Help Removing Small Gear in Clutch


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Mar 11, 2008
I have been trying to remove the small gear on the right side of my 80cc Motor,I have the bolt out but the actually gear wont budge. Im replacing it so Ive tried pliers and nothing. Ive search and maybe not in the right places. If someone could tell me how that would be great. Like I said im replacing it so anything to get it out will help. If someone could post a link to a step by step tear down of that clutch side would be helpfull.
By LOOKING at the bottom of this page,,, you can see some great advice! The search feature will also bring up these posts! They even have video's to help ya.
Thats my problem. Ive search everywhere and unless im searching the wrong place then thats why im asking for help. I know not to post without searching. All I need is someone to point me in the right direction.
So yeah,,, scroll way down,,,, all the way down, to the bottom of this page and look at the threads listed there. I believe your answers are there.

By looking at the threads and vids, it appears that after removing the bolt, you can just gently pry the gear off!
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ok well the threads below didnt seem to be much help. Where are these videos you speak of? and the gear will not come off. I bent 2 screwdrivers trying to "Gently" pry it off. Some help would be great because the below doesnt help and searching, Im not just finding anything.
I have taken mine off I was lucky mine came off easy, but I think if you look inside of that little screw gear( the one you want to take off) I think it has thread in it so you might be able to screw the black pully tool into it and use that.
Have you used that tool before??? If you have taken you flywheel of then you would have used it.
This will be of some help but i'm sure there's something better out there.Large is the guy to ask,he knows heaps about where specific threads are located. have my deepest sympathy. The posts and links are for the way it is SUPPOSED to come off. Unfortunately for me, and you apparently, nothing works the way it is supposed to. A while back I was disassembling a *retired* Happy Time, and ran into your situation. It literally stripped the threads off the puller. What worked for me is I used another puller to tension the gear, heated the gear (not too the point of smoking...there is a seal behind it) and rapped on the puller with a hammer. Then tighten the puller, more heat, another rap etc etc. By the time I got that *%&^$##%$%&%$$ gear off, doors were being slammed shut, mothers were covering their childrens ears, and my dog bit me. Breathe...breathe...pleasant thoughts. Apparently, what happened is the woodruff key (that little thing half in the shaft and half in the gear) was in the process of shearing, and needed s bit of persuasion. Hope this helps.

I have searched and searched, and I'm at my wit's end. Is there a way to get the small cog off without using a gear puller? I bought a centrifugal clutch that was supposed to have one inside, and didn't, and now I'm stuck.
Also, how do I get the 13/16 nut off the clutch flywheel? My impact sockets don't reach in there, and the only way that I'm going to be able to shake the sucker loose seems to be impact tools!
The puller tool that comes with the kit will remove it. It is a funny looking thing with lots of threads of different sizes. Here is a picture.


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