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    My name is Jack I'm from Houston. This is my second step to "CRUSIN". The first was about 10 minutes ago when i ordered my new bicycle online. i just bought a Huffy 26" Men's Panama Jack Cruiser Bicycle, Matte Black from walmart. Couldn't find one in stock around here so i ordered it.

    I am new to motorized bicycles but am willing to learn and I feel that i have a great mechanical understanding of things.

    Next part of my plan is finding a engine kit for my bike!

    So i'm off to find and engine.

    any suggestions and thanks for having me

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    Welcome to MBc, Jack. You've started off on the right foot by introducing yourself and telling us a little about you. You are on the largest and most friendly set of Forums on the planet. Next step, before you start building anything, is to read, read, and read some more. We also have great 'Search' capabilities you can make use of. If you still get stuck, go to the specific forum your build fits into, and Then ask questions. We have some pretty sharp people and gurus here willing to help, but they are going to be reluctant if you haven't tried to find your answers on your own. The formula is Read, Search, then Ask. Our sponsors will be a good place for help...they are all pretty good folks and will treat you right. Good Luck to ya.
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    Welcome to the forum. You can spend a little to bolt in a 2 stroke China Girl or spend a bit more to bolt a four stroke in that frame. Personal preference. You can spend quite a bit more for a Morini motor. They are fast but will require welding to fabricate motor mounts and an exhaust. I think the rear cargo rack comes welded to the Panama Jack frame. That rules out a rack mounted motor.