Hf New Engine Line

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    Looking at the product manual this engine does not have the low oil shut off like the Greyhound. The mounting footprint is very close to the same. The Greyhound is 102mm x 61.5mm and the Predator is 104mm x 63mm. They say 3.5 ft lbs but I wonder if they mean 3.5 hp. Looks interesting anyway.

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    Now you know that engine is illegal in all 50 states!


    I know where your dog is ! How bad do you want it back ???
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    WOOHOO! Read the shipping weight: 1.00lbs! I need a lightweight engine; this is the one!
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    Off the Bsmt. wall

    Waiting impatiently for universal motor mount and Bi-pod kick stand. need mount kit to get her out of the bsmt and on the rode. Snow and ice melting good, saw two motorcycles out the other day.
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    Makes me wonder if it is a bored out 79 with a bigger carb- looks real similar.
    The 79 I have has been great.
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    Pretty close.
    The 79cc is 52mm x 38mm bore and stroke where the 99cc is 56mm x 40mm bore and stroke.