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    Hi, Chris here.
    I have a Starfire 55cc Gen IIa motor on my Graecross Pathfinder, it is the second bike this motor has been on. First install took 3 hours, just wanted to ride it! Second install onto current bike took 3 days, I fussed over things that I overlooked the first time, I encased the whole electrical wiring into tubing, cut off all the connectors and soldered and heatshrinked the lot, used "liquid tape" on the CDI unit, and where the wiring leaves the magneto housing.
    I cut some PVC conduit to make a couple of sleeves for the rear brake cable, It runs along the top of the frame, so now it works properly, not pinched at all.
    To neaten the kill switch wiring I drilled a small hole in the handlebar inside the throttle housing mount and earthed one side of the kill switch there, that way I only have to run one wire down to the white wire, much neater.
    I use the bike for transport to and from work, night shift in a nursing home, and am enjoying it immensely.
    Take it easy.

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    Welcome to the forum. Is the petro bike street legal in Van Dieman's Land?
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