Hi, i am new, got my first motorized bike today.

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    So i finally got my motorized bike and got it running today. It was rather painless to be honest, i spent more time putting the accessories ont he bike than i did setting up the engine kit stuff.

    A few things though.. I bought the bike used, so i have no idea what the motor is or how many ccs. The casting IS very rough, so i assume it was one of the older motors. It doesnt have the slant plug either.

    It looks like this


    I drove it fo about 6 miles toda testing it out and getting use to it.

    Honestly i havent had any issues per say, except one. My gasket where the muffler mounts to the engine appears to be cardboard, and isnt sealed properly, so i am getting little black specs of icky stuff under it ont he motor, and sometimes on my foot if its close by. Not bad mind you but its noticable after riding for an hour or so. I have been unable to get this gasket to seal.

    The second thing is more of a question.. how fast is this thing suppose to go? I seem to be topped out at 20-25 mph to be honest. 25 is probably going down an incline.

    Of course thats assuming my speedo is working properly.

    I would appreciate any tips. I tried to follow most of them, witht he locktite etc.. so hopefully i dont have any problems. Only fnny thnig that happened was my kickstand fell off going about 25mph down the road. No harm no foul though. :grin5:

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    Also since the parts were used, the CDI coil wire was very dry and brittle and the plastic boot that goes over the plug was actually cracked a bit.

    Can i splice in say a msd coil wire to this without problem?
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    The coil wire replacement is required to enable stable operation.

    The old one unscrews from the center screw in the cdi.
    This place removes the fuss and bother of finding a suitable replacement if you do not have access to a big city auto parts store.


    and a stock one for sale


    Both the vendors listed carry replacement exhaust gaskets, or just make your own out of hi temp bulk gasket material
    Most every motorized bicycle dealer has them.
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    Here is a picture btw..

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    you can get aluminum exhaust gaskets from sick bike parts. they are made of soft aluminum and they will contour themselves to the cylinder and the exhaust and it won't leak once you put one on. just make sure to scrape ALL of the old gasket off of the cylinder and the exhaust.
    you can put an msd wire or an accell wire on the cdi really easy. just unscrew the stock plug wire from the cdi and screw on a new wire. there is no special end needed, just make sure that you center the screw in the cdi on the inner core of the plug wire.
    to get the rubber automotive spark plug boot to fit onto your spark plug, you will need to install a spark plug tip onto the plug. the stock plug wire requires that you remove the tip on the plug for the boot to snap on.
    just go buy an ngk b6hs spark plug and replace the one that's in it with it.
    your speed will vary depending on rider weight, wheel size, tire size and rear sprocket size.
    i have a 20 inch bike with a 50 c.c. 2 stroke, 20 inch wheels, a 22 inch tall rear tire a 41 tooth sprocket, high flow air filter and an expansion chamber and it tops out at 32 mph (i weigh 155 pounds).
    i have another 20" bike (a schwinn occ chopper) with a 66 c.c. 2 stroke on it, modified long pipe with a modified baffle, high flow air filter, 20 inch rear wheel with a 24 inch tall tire, and a 41 tooth sprocket. it tops out at 35 mph.
    carb tuning, air-fuel ratio and gas-oil ratio will also help or hurt performance.
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    I am replying to your question about the top speed of these motor kits. If its a new motor you want to break it in right. Use a quality 2stroke oil and I ran 8oz of oil to 1 gallon of gas for break in period. After break in you can run about half of that. Also check your setting on your carb. The needle inside has 4 grooves in for different air/ fuel mixtures, mine ran very sluggish at 7220ft, so I has to adjust it to its leanest setting. I was not impressed with these at first but im now reaching speeds of 35mph of a flat. Also do a check of all nuts and screws before you ride, these things vibrate a lot and will need constant maintainence. Hope this was a help to ya........
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    Look nice hope you get your problems fixed.
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    Dear land rider jerry. I dont know if you were trying to reply to me but the bike in this posting is not mine. I do have an album on here if you would like to see it. Listed as Flying Tiger Shark in albums section. Currently building a flat track racer. Can be seen in Antique section of the forum. Welcome any comments.