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    I typically ride a 1999 BMW R1100RT sport touring bike doing 500-1500+ miles days depending what or where I feel like going. I don't really like riding that big pig to work sooooooooo... I thought I'd "downsize" a little bit and see if I can break 100+ mpg and hit ~35 mph with one of these little engines.

    Got my 66cc 2 smoke running a month or so ago and it ran like a cat with it's tail on fire - woohoo! Now that I have about 225 miles on it and it's been rough starting since about 150 miles it's time to seek out the pro's advice.

    Reviewing what cracker said about the CDI testing I have no readings when
    + lead is on black wire & - on blue wires (supposed to be 130-150K ohms) or
    + lead on spark plug w/- on blue (135-155k oms) and the last test
    + lead on spark plug and - on black should read 2.5-2.7 and I have 4.5

    The bike starts (really hard) I ride about a mile before it fires and the spark is weak but once running it does fairly well. I think I need a new coil. Anyone try one from a high end weed eater or chain saw that might have a better quality than one from these Chinese engine companies?

    Anyway, good to be on board and have a great evening folks!