Hit by a truck today!

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  1. Tom

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    I am going to class, some lifted truck blows past me then makes a sudden turn into a driveway on the right. I slammed on my breaks but it was too late. I dropped my bike right in front of the driveway, and since the truck took the turn too sharp, the back wheel went over my front wheel, and bent the rim.

    Of course it was some dumb lady on her cell phone :-x

    She agreed to reimburse me for the new wheel. I got her cell, license plate # and her insurance information. Didn't file a police report as I figured its not worth it with only a slightly bent rim. The bike is still ridable but the front break isn't fantastic...

    They should throw you in jail for driving while talking on your cell phone... And then beat you senseless... And then take away your cell phone rights forever.

  2. twinkiex

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    Thank Goodness you are okay Tom.
  3. kenspice

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    The important thing is you were not hurt. Maybe it was the vibrating alert that distracted her? lol
  4. azbill

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    glad it was only the front wheel (that's bad enough)
    make her pay for a better wheel to replace the bent one
  5. I would have !@&^%$*($##@$ and @#%*(&^%$#@!)*& followed by $%^$#@&*^%$ and finish off with @#$*&^$@%$! but that's just me.
    ...so how much is one of them 12 guage spoke jobbers with teh drum brake?
  6. twinkiex

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    its not a good idea to provoke bad drivers. i sometimes yell and lecture but i dont pick fights LP. be careful!
  7. Abeagle

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    Glad your OK, yes Cell phones should be outlawed while driving.
  8. Dockspa1

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    Good your ok Tom. Heck with some people, cell phones should be illegal to walk with them on. I can't count the almost accidents involving cell phones that I personally have seen and I know a lot of you have too. Gets scary! I'm moving back to the uppa US with Van. At least bears dont usem!
  9. I honk at people talking on the phone while driving. 99% of them don't use turn signals.
    Most of the time the honking doesn't even phase them.
    So...that's all I have to say about this....

    Oh and I don't pick fights,Twink. When they do hear me honking and they roll down their windows I say "Can you please hang up your phone?"
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  10. fetor56

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    This is a surprise...i always thought in America it was illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving.It is illegal in Oz unless your using an approved hands-free kit and the penalties for not obeying this law have just increased 3 fold.
    The main thing is no-one was hurt and we've all learnt from it....don't trust anyone,don't even trust yourself half the time.
    Gotta agree with what's been said before though "time for a free upgrade" ;)
  11. OldPete

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    AMEN! Even hands off they should not be used while driving.
    I see teenagers using a cell while riding a bicycle. One would think they are DUI from the way they weave.

    Glad you're OK Tom.
  12. Phones don't scare me too much for at least they can still look at the road. It's the ones with the GPS that scare me. I mean what kind of thought went into a device that encourages drivers to take their eyes off the road?
    When my phone rings I let it go and call them back when I'm no longer driving. That's what that missed calls function is there for.
    There is NOTHING to a phone call so important in this world that you have to be distracted from driving.
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  13. ibdennyak

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    geez, that could have left a mark. Glad you survived as well as you did. Hit a bus a couple weeks ago, but relatively minor. Brake cables froze up while riding. Also don't go too fast on ice. I think cell phones have become more of an inconvenience than a plus myself.

  14. Scottm

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    Dang, that's twice in 6 months Tom. I'm glad you're okay. On traffic citations down here there is a box for "Using cell phone" for the officers to check.
    Fetor they do have laws but don't enforce them. That would be too much work for the police to catch the real wrong doers. I commited my first federal offens last night. But this isn't my thread.
  15. uncle_punk13

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    Tom I'm glad you are okay!!! I've had a few near misses in my time as well, there's nothing like having the whole and sum of your life weighed before you in those brief moments.
    Here in WA. It is now illegal to text while driving, and in june becomes illegal to talk on the cell while driving. To me this is just common sense, but evidently people are sooo self important and self centered that we have to have even more regulations and rules imposed upon us becase they can't get it together enough to realize that this is not only bad behaviour, but dangerous as well... Unbelievable to me... ANyway tom I am very glad you were not hurt, and yes, she shoukld pay for a new wheel, but if it goes to court (let us hope it does not have to go that far, that this woman is adult enough to take responsibility for her actions), you won't get a better wheel; in the eyse of the law it is about making you whole again, not better off... Or so I've been led to understand- I'm not a lawyer...
  16. loquin

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    Glad to hear that you're OK, Tom.
  17. Tom

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    Well isn't a new wheel better off than a used one?

    Recent studies show that talking on a cell phone while driving, even if you are using a hands-free-headset, is just as dangerous as driving while drunk...

    Punishment for a DUI in California.... well we all know how bad it can be.

    Punishment for talking on your cell in California.... a whopping $20 fine for first offenses starting in June! If you get busted again, WATCH OUT! the fine MORE THAN DOUBLES to $50 FOR EVERY OFFENSE THEREAFTER! Look out for the long arm of the law, cell phone users beware! lol

    I bet you its all because of the cell phone companies who want people on their cell phones 24x7...
  18. Dockspa1

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    Well Tom, if Large was with ya maybe he would have gotten off his bike, beat this nice dumb lady up and then yelled in her ear " CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? "!
    Ha Ha. Lighten up Large, just a joke!
  19. fetor56

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    We do have laws and the cops enforce them,RIGIDLY.
    You can ONLY drive and talk with an approved "hands-free" kit...hands-free means a cradle unit that's permanently attached to your cars dashboard that the cell phone fits into.
    Penalties for talking while actually holding the phone have increased from something like $150 to $450.
    I'm no expert on phones or the figures involved cos i hate cells...i own one but very rarely use it.Their a ripoff in this country and i can think of better things to spend by money on....bikes,women,enormous quantities of illegal drugs(kiddin) :)
  20. BSA

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    Glad your O.K Tom. In England it is illegal to drive with a cell phone but the police don't enforce the rules properly. If you ask me: I'd give them a massive fine or ban them from driving for a long while.