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  1. k so i did a bunch of searching and came up with a few ideas but i was hoping someone could give me an opinion.

    my motor runs great sometimes. other times not so much. most of the problems peoiple have that i have seen arent intermittent or occasional issues. some days i can hop on my chopper and wind out to the point i have to slow down for the 50kmh speed limit and other days it bogs out to the point im lucky to get 35-40 kmh and have to play with the throttle. i also noticed some oil leaking(looks like the bottom of the jug) i have to tighten my head bolts a quarter turn with the ratchet every couple rides. im thinking of plaining the head and replacing the head gasket but im iffy about it because as i said some days she runs perfect. also thinking of using a small amount of gasket maker between the carb and the intake manifold. any other ideas? its a skyhawk 5a 66cc running 100ml of oil to 3 l of gas. starts up no problem and has plenty of bottom end power. its almost like my power band effs off some days

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    head gasket not tightening usually means the acorn nuts are binding on top of the studs - easy fix is to break the caps off so nut can go down farther
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