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    Hey I'm Danny,

    I've browsed this forum for months. I'm part of a group of about 8 riders (and growing) out of Carlsbad, CA. We works with high school students and a few months ago one of our kids showed up with a motorized bike and that's where it all started.

    Unfortunately, I'm signing up to ask for some help.

    So my bike got stolen last month. I called the cops and they weren't much help and by now I fear it's probably in a ditch somewhere because they probably didn't know about the fuel mixture. I know it's a LONG shot but if anyone is in the area and has seen it or spots it please call me. You can always get another one but this thing was my first project, it was my baby.


    I plan on talking to the guys at RawMotors, that's such an incredible thing they do.

    Thanks for your help, I've attached a picture of the bike.
    (Minus the child carrier)

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