Honda GX35/ Nuvinci Developers Kit on a BikeE2, need ~20 watts electric power.

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    Help, please. Can't believe that this does not exist somewhere. I have a BikeE2 recumbent tandem, with a Honda GX35 hooked up to a Nuvinci Developers Kit, through a Staton 18.75/1 gearbox. As some of you might know, the actuator requires as much as 4 amps at ~12 volts, to shift with, and probably has an average power consumption between 10-20 watts. I now have a Shimano dyno hub in front, on a 16" wheel, with circuitry to change the 6 volt AC output to 12 volt DC, and to charge a little 12 volt battery. But the hub is only good for ~3 watts, which will leave me short of power.

    Here's the question. What is the best way to generate 20-30 watts (a little more for lights would be nice) of 12 volt DC power from my engine or drive train? I have a chain that will be turning when the bike is moving, at ~0 -200 feet/minute. I also have the engine, but don't know how to get on it. The ideal would be a Wonderful Creations type setup, sized for my desired wattage, but that is not a product.

    I know that someone has done this already.

    Thanks in advance.

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