Honda GXH50 on Swhinn beach cruiser

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by gdfalls, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. gdfalls

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    I have a Schwinn beach cruiser with a Staton friction drive and Honda GXH50 four stroke for Sale. It's only had two tanks of gas ran in it. LED tail light and speedometer.l will sell for $450 that's about half price. Bike is located in Taylorsville NC. My email address is

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    12-30-10 025.jpg
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  2. occchopperfl

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    Why are you selling it?

    How old is it?

    How about just the engine?

    Thanks. :)
  3. gdfalls

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    I got a good deal on a Roketa MC17-50 scooter. I have a bad back and the scooter is a lot easier on it. I don't need all three and the garage is getting tight. I would sell just the engine and drive kit For the same and I will pay to ship. The motor is less than 6 months old and has had the oil changed twice and two tanks of gas. The governor was removed as suggested on this sight. Bike has always been kept inside and never ridden in the rain or snow.
    I just use these for fun not transportation. The bike is also just like new still has nipples on front tire. Never been rode hard or abused. I would love to keep them all but the bikes don't get ridden anymore and they should go to someone that will use them. I have meet and talk to so many new people while riding them. Everyone want's to know about them. They are allot cooler than my scooter for sure.
    Thanks Roketa Scooter 018.jpg
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I thought for sure it would be sold.
    No offers yet?
  5. gdfalls

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    Both bikes sold on Craigslist Sunday.