Honda GXH50 throttle set up

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  1. biketec

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    I have been getting a lot of phone calls lately from people wanting to know how to hook up the Honda throttle cable can anyone post the pix or links to the threads on how you guys have rigged them up I would really appreciate your help.

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  3. fetor56

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    Fetors Frottle.

    See if u think this helps...if necessary i'll try to take more detailed pics.


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    A very nice solution to the throttle hook up, and a very creative use of the V-brake cable elbow. You are showing two different configurations of the black bracket? Which is the most recent version? Also the arm attached to the Carb valve is held how?

  5. fetor56

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    The black bracket is the same bracket,except pics taken from different angles.The arm that's attached to the top of the carb is held by two 3mm bolts(one faces upwards,one downwards,for clearance)
    The standard throttle arm has two holes(one larger,one smaller) already drilled....i just redrilled them a bit wider(both 3mm) to mount the new extended arm on top.
    The spring is from the governor.
    My camera doesn't take macros but if i get a lend of one i'll post better pics.
    Later man.
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    Thanks for putting all the links in one place makes it a lot easier to find them now :)

  8. bilboby

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    Adapting a throttle cable for fitting onto a Honda GXH50 for rear friction drive is proving to be a real nightmare, is it possible members have got any suggestions on how best to get the throttle cable installed and working. I've read all the posts from this thread but it would appear the GXH50's in question are for V Frame mounting and not for my current rear friction drive setup.

    Thank's in advance.
  9. Mr.G

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    I replaced the carb with a Titan and made the job simple.
  10. bilboby

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    Thank's for the info however can yourself or other members recommend a online bike parts store for purchasing this part.

  11. Mr.G

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    carb purchase

    yes I got mine from That's DAX...
  12. curtisfox

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    Staton-inc Has a throttle kit for the Hondas. Best is to give Dave a call and tell him what you have.........Curt
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    Thank's alot for the reply input however the problem i'm still finding myself faced with living over here in Europe is that the guy Duane from That's Dax can only be contacted it would seem by telephone and the Staton Inc Honda GXH 50 QXA Carb is the same model i'm trying to replace. It's a shame That's Dax cannot be contacted via their Website for giving a International shipping quote to France.

  14. curtisfox

    curtisfox Member 303-459-2780 Don't these work any more there on his site.
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    Thank's for the link as having emailed Dax a reply came back from Grady & thus i've purchased from them the Titan RUI124 Carb. In the time it'll take for the part to cross the pond i'll be looking for a new bicycle for fitting the honda engine thus hopefully come early Spring i'll be once again riding MB around the Parisien streets with hopefully a more solid MB build then the Chinese engine in use last Summer.

  16. bilboby

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    Atlast the Titan Carburetor RUI124 has arrived thus just need an hour or two over the coming weekend for replacing the original honda GXH 50 carb.