Hotrodders please help: Need intake for tanaka 32cc

ok, i have a tanaka pure-fire 32cc, a walbro 15mm carburetor, and the wrong intake/insulator.

i'm just not knowledgable enuff to be able to find what i need. i'm pretty sure almost all the bolt-patterns are standardized, for example: the intake i did get with the carby (tanaka HP setup for 40/35 engine) seems like all of the ones i see on most every site, but the 32cc jug has a much smaller bolt-distance.

i'm stumped...anyone with leads, or the right parts in your junk paypal account is poised for a quick purchase...please help!

or...brand new and complete HP kit for tanaka 35/40...
an equitable trade for a set of the proper parts is possible.
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hey aug,
isn't this alittle premature ?

where did this carb come from ? can the source be quized on the validity of it's application ? if the unit is not compatable, they should be willing to exchange it at the very least.

surely, the source has an interest to see that they are not pinned to the "wall of shame " on a site of this nature and size !?!

i should have been clear

not premature, planned well ahead of time...the kit came from dennis, he's just so busy that it seems he grabbed the wrong bag. the racing is more of a personal interest we share than official business...juls used to tease me about den stopping whatever he was doing to talk to me, hehe...

so, i figure if i can handle it on my own, he won't need to take time from customers.

i do believe the optimal solution would be to score the appropriate intake and insulator, the carb's exactly what i want/need.
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so, assuming (correctly?) that there's a standard "large" size pattern to fit most engines, is it possible there's a standard "small" pattern also? so far noone (even dave's) has been willing to tell me "yes"...

i gotta bust loose...need this intake...MB-gods help me please :cool:
uh-oh..."powerequipmentandparts" says that the HP for the 32cc is the 12mm(11.11) i already have. and they say re: the 15mm "you can't get there from here."

still searching. however, the kit's no longer offered in trade as it will be returned to den if i don't have any luck.
well, there's no prohibition against upgrading to the 40...good news today, more on that later.

btw, to anyone: powerequipmentandparts has impressed me as some knowledgable and helpful peeps :cool:
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