How do i check for leaks if i cant idle

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  1. Sitherus

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    Hi Im new as of this second to this site though i have been on browsing in the background learning as much as i can for some time now I have an engine that wont idle. It must have an air leak but i dont know where.
    I know i need a spray bottle and run the engine to look for leaks but the only way i can get it to run is if its moving. How can i search for leaks without spraying it riding it and bending over under the bike in traffic?
    I admit this is only my second time building it and last year i was so new to this i took it allover town trying to get someone to show me how to work the clutch. No one would even get near it.
    My bike was missing its idle screw since last year so Im using a shortening screw on the throttle to adjust the idle while an m4 bolt is plugging the idle screw hole. I am also missing my muffler someone stole it 2 weeks into owning it. I admit i never got the chance to test idle before i didn't have a muffler other than that I have secured my Nt carb with an o ring and a better metal hose clamp I have cleaned the carb out inside and out its float has no leaks, the pin works and i dont know what a jet is but there is nothing un screwed inside it. I have adjusted the float clip thing but that hasnt changed anything. My carb is level with the ground and there is a good flow of fuel to it. I couldn't idle when i had an idle screw btw. Other than all of this the only other upgrade ive made is a r3 spark plug

    I know this is allot to read, but, if you can get through it it only describes what most people will tell me to do that i've already done.

    Thank you I will post pics soon as I can.
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  2. Legwon

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    get it started, One hand on throttle, other on idle screw. adjust idle screw till it idles. then check for air leak.
  3. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    that carb sounds like a disaster - fix it right and get rid of o-ring or buy a new one
  4. Sitherus

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    why get rid of the o-ring? i see many posts telling people to buy an o-ring that sits between the carb and the intake. also the only thing wrong with my carb is its missing idle screw. I can't idle even when slightly pulling the trottle cable as long as im not moving it stops running. It wont run when its NOT moving. Once again how do i check for leaks to fix the idle problem if i cant idle?

    Would someone skype me so that they can see my bike in real time? tell me what to do?
  5. Sitherus

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    would i need to prop it up so the back wheel is off the ground
  6. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    o-ring is usually for a performance carb that doesn't fit the intake well - on an NT style carb, that ring can go right into motor

    the missing idle screw may interfere with normal air flow

    if you lock the clutch lever, you can keep it running while spraying water around intake area to find leaks
  7. Sitherus

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    I have a m4 screw in place of the idle screw but don't have the tools to round off the tip.
    My clutch lever with the locking pin broke last year due to it being a cheap aluminum cast. It cracked in half. I have since replaced it with a long brake lever. i have to hold it down when pedaling.

    How do i prop the back wheel off the ground? I tried using a car pneumatic jack but it just fell off of it. Also When i pull the clutch while the motor is on it makes a huge noise like the motor is revving in place and I'm afraid I'm stripping the flywheel and butterfly nut. So what your saying i do so that I'm absolutely sure, is, I ride the bike til its warmed up, then I take it to the place i work on it, and prop up the back tire, then kick start it, and hold in the clutch to keep it running, while spraying it with water to find bubbles? This wont break anything?
  8. Nanonevol

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    One way to get the wheels off the ground is to hang the bike by ropes from garage or workshop rafters.
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  9. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    I use a big rubber band on bikes that come in for repairs with no clutch lock - band holds the lever in
  10. Sitherus

    Sitherus Member

    So i don't actually know how to idle. It is such a simple thing that no one ever explained it. all i know is i on video people stop their bike and it keeps running and mine does not. Also i listed the steps im taking.

    "So what your saying i do so that I'm absolutely sure, is, I ride the bike til its warmed up, then I take it to the place i work on it, and prop up the back tire, then kick start it, Give it gas, and hold in the clutch to keep it running, while spraying it with water to find bubbles? This wont break anything?"

    Is this the right procedure?

    I did this today and pulling the clutch while it was running only made it stop running.
  11. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    kickstarting is damn near impossible without a center stand. on my bike the compression is too high to even do it then, if you don't break the stand you break your leg instead. much safer and easier to start it like a hit and miss, that is take the wheel, find the compression stroke, and give it a good hard spin

    or do it the easy way and install a pull start
  12. bakaneko

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    another thing that could be happening is that your engine is still slight engaged when you pull in the clutch. the engine is too weak to stay on when stopped and dies. check if there is resistance when pedaling or if your engine is still pulling you a little when the clutch is pulled in and you are not stopped. if so you gotta adjust the clutch.

    the other thing is the stock carb is only $10 on ebay if you want to get a proper idle mechanics
  13. Sitherus

    Sitherus Member

    im gonna make a video of what i do and what im trying to do you can tell me if im doing everything right. I think its just that i dont know how to start it and i dont know how to operate the clutch and idle because that is one thing no one ever under stands. it seems to me that everyone tells you how to build it but no one tells you how to start and ride it.
  14. Sitherus

    Sitherus Member

    I DONT KNOW "DONT KNOW" how to idle. Someone teach me. this how im doing it.
  15. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    put the shift on left bar because you will never use both it & throttle at same time

    put throttle back on right bar because you WILL use it & clutch at same time
  16. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    step 1: get rid of those hiccups

    it sounds like your idle speed is wrong.
  17. Greg58

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    I would replace the carb, I don't know if you have access to eBay but a nt can be bought for $12 shipped.
  18. Sitherus

    Sitherus Member

    the way the bike is made the shifter can only orientate one way. It will be upside down and backwards on the other bar. I already tried to put the sifter on the left and the clutch and throttle on the right but it simply doesnt work. I would need to buy a new shifter to make this work because the shifter case is half of the right handlebar grip. I like these grips they are oval shaped and much easier to grip with no vibration.
  19. Sitherus

    Sitherus Member

    I will buy a new nt carb. Is mine broken?
  20. Greg58

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    You can't adjust the idle without a tapered screw. You should also replace the missing muffler, its probably running lean without it. I would ditch the twist shifter on the right side for a stem mounted old school shifter and mount the throttle and clutch as they should be.
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