How does a Boost Bottle work?

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    The intake tube I have has the brass fitting drilled and mounted on the side of the tube, very close to the engine cylinder head. Maybe that makes a difference, I don't know.

    Give Me V-tec, where did you get this part? Thanks.

    This is the type of intake tube I have. (my photo)

    (My photo) [​IMG]

    This is about what the bottle looks like, but does not say Boost on it. (edit: It is wrapped in electrical tape, so maybe it does.) It is pretty small, maybe the size of a Red Bull small can.
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  2. happycheapskate

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  3. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member Make your own boost bottle from PVC plumbing parts. So you can make duals or try again if the size is wrong.
    The video maker mentions you can "tune" it some by changing the length of the hose to the carb.

    I recommend using zip ties or little hose clamps if possible, because any leak of the bottle system is a carb leak!

    I liked the tip in the video about warming up the hose in a cup of hot water to make it mold to the barb fitting.
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    The only way I can imagine this working is if a reed or flapper valve were placed in the intake manifold. That way, if indeed there is unburned fuel/air mix blown back as the piston rises, the valve would close and said unburned fuel/air mix would be compressed into the boost bottle, then released from pressure as the piston descends. Without some sort of a valve upstream of the bottle, anything that blows out of the intake port will simply disperse through the intake manifold and out through the air cleaner (mind, if the latter is of sufficient volume,it will hold a certain amount of whatever comes out of the cylinder and that will be the first thing to go in during the intake stroke).

    With a reed valve installed, the engine would in a sense become an air compressor if gas is compressed into the bottle. On a small engine, I suspect that might be sufficient to interfere with engine operation, as it wouldn't be able to "breathe" normally.

    The main question of course is whether anything blows back into the intake that would be worth collecting or add anything to engine performance. On that I must plead ignorance.
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    The boost bottle concept has been work shopped to death, and has been proven to be a complete waste of time and a complete waste of money.

    A reed valve intake is the most effective method of broadening the power band; increasing low and midrange torque.
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    Oops, didn't notice how old this thread was!

    Quite agree on the reed valve possibilities. Assuming the intake was proportioned correctly, the net effect would have some similarity to the WWII V-1 "buzz bombs". Reed/flapper valves were the only moving parts on them.
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    I find the boost bottle works quite nicley.

    Mine has a very big hose way bigger then the gas hose and is pretty long. I mounted it under my seat, The difference I notice is a much smoother running engine, especially when hill climbing, it used to J e r k and nearly stall when it hit low speed near the top of the climb and I wasn't helping it by peddling and it would vibrate quite a bit without thread sealant nuts would vibrate off, but ever since adding the bottle the engine runs way smoother starts much easier and my gas mileage is quite a bit better, note there is no speed gain and no power gain. If your expecting a power and speed gain this is not what you want, they are not designed to add power and speed, they are designed to give a consistent mixture ratio, the boost bottle should improve performance and fuel economy.
    I recommend trying it only if your looking to smooth-en out your engine and improve gas mileage. Mine came preinstalled into the intake valve all I had to do was remove the valve and carb and put the new valve on and mount the bottle I didn't shorten the hose or anything I left it exactly as I got it. When it's running you can see liquid in the hose,it did take a couple short rides before I noticed the liquid in the hose going into the bottle. This link may help people in understanding how it should work.
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    Precisely correct, and for that's the reason why you install the proper device: a reed valve intake that seals the crankcase to prevent reversion; boosting crankcase pressure as well as a host of other benefits.

    A boost bottle is just a waste of time and money, when you could be spending hard earned money on a proper reed valve intake system.
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    Well except for the fact that a boost bottle is only $30.00 and a reed valve kit is nearly as much as a new engine at $99.00, and you need more room by the looks of it I am not sure I could even fit a reed valve on my bike. I find that for the 30.00 bucks it was money well spent becasue I
    personally find that the boost bottle did exactly as advertised and improved performance and fuel economy on my 66cc G5A motor kit.
    I can see the gas going into the bottle so there is no doubt that it's doing something, also after installing it I had to back the idle screw way off.
    I am sure it has improved fuel economy, but I have only put about 1/2 tank through since getting it, so I will be keeping records as I did when I ran without so I can properly measure it over the next couple tanks and then I'll know how much of an increase I'm getting or not getting. Until then all I Can say for sure is what I noticed straight away after installing it, and that was that the engine is running so much smoother at low speeds and is so much easier to start when cold.
  10. Fabian

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    Oh yes, there is great value in spending $30 on something that only purports to work at idle rpm - terrific value indeed.

    Spend $99 and you "actually" have a product that works.
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    I wouldn't pay a dollar for a boost bottle, let alone 30.
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    whats interesting is how most reed valves still suffer from reversion, as removing the reed valve(edit...not thinking...i meant air filter!!!!!!)from any reed valve type motorcycle engine will demonstrate...

    but, boost bottles are still a joke...most of the time.
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    I wouldn't pay 50 cents for a boost bottle, let alone $30.
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    i would gladly accept a boost bottle if it was given to me, they look to be just the right size for the tank on my compressed air gun :jester:
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    IMO, boost bottle = gasoline vapor.
    Gasoline vapor + 2stroke = Most likely Bad.
    (could be wrong...)
  16. Ok has nothing to do with the boost bottle I had one it was crap but if y'all want something that works an it's cheap buy a DIY turbo-500 kit ok you will need to also buy a small batt an put it on the bike because the turbo is electric fan motor with housing an harness all the stuff you only thing you will also have to do is a custom manifold to fit the turbo to I'll be uploading pics soon an a Dino run I'm in progress of building a dyno for my bike have the roller an stuff an computer with a harness just got to program a system for it now but I ran the bike with the turbo an I went from 34 mph to now 45 mph so there was a gain but I want to see the rpm torque an mpg an speed with out my big ass on it
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    Guess I won't be buying a so called fashion accessorie but I thought it was to collect vapors?
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    Boost bottles only work if you put Managanese dioxide and 35% peroxide in them first. You should see the cloud of O2 that will shoot out. Better than nitrous.
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    You can beat the heat by running a 35 watt generator off of your drive chain and direct drive the turbo blower with the proper balancing resistor. As the engine revs faster the blower blows harder. Ergo electric supercharger on full time. Install off /on switch, and run rich jetting. Trial and error.